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6 Nov, 2014

Buys Bottom Dollar locations

Aldi purchases all 66 Bottom Dollar supermarket locations, to include the real estate and the buildings, but not the inventory or the store fixtures. The purchase is part of an expansion plan that will add 650 stores nationwide by the end of 2018. Aldi spokeswoman Julie Ketay:

It’s premature to share any plans specific to the purchase of these assets. Aldi welcomes Bottom Dollar Food employees to consider applying for open positions.

24 Nov, 2014


As part of their current aggressive growth strategy, Aldi names Aldi HartHart, current Aldi U.S. president, as the new CEO for Aldi U.S.

16 Dec, 2014

Tests credit cards

In a pilot program, Aldi tests accepting credit cards at approximately 50 markets in Minnesota. They decline to say how long the test will be in effect.

Should the pilot program prove successful, we will consider rolling the program out nationally to all Aldi stores.

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