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Alive: 55+ and Kickin’

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Jan 2015

Alive 55+ and Kickin’

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Higginsen’s Alive: 55+ and Kickin’ is profiled on 60 Minutes. The Harlem show gives black baby boomers, many who have not been on the stage before, an opportunity to share stories and songs about their struggles in urban America. Higginsen:

The first 50 years are for learning; the second 50 are for LIVING! The older people carry the music in their body, in their mind. If they die, then that sound may be gone forever…No matter what life has thrown at you, no matter what you have done throughout your life, there’s always a chance to get it right.

Higginson tries to match the performer’s singing to their life experiences. Participants include one man who is illiterate, and another who had been in jail for 40 years:

Stahl: Why did you pick him, if he’s this person who destroyed your neighborhood?
Higginsen: Because he’s part of it. He’s part of the big picture. I can’t ignore that. And perhaps it was necessary for him to have a second chance. Perhaps he deserved it, another chance.