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24 Aug, 2016

Gunmen kill seven students, professor

Terror Incident

At least two gunmen storm classrooms after a suspected car bomb is used to get into the walled complex, and killed seven students and a professor. The death toll could have been far higher, with most students managing to barricade themselves in classrooms or flee to safety, even if it meant breaking bones as they jumped from the second floor of a building. There has been no claim of responsibility for the raid.


Becomes AU adjunct professor


Bond becomes distinguished adjunct professor of government at American University’s School of Public Affairs. He teaches more than 500 students in an honors course focusing on the oral history of the civil rights movement, and an advanced study of the politics of civil rights.

After teaching at many fine schools, the students I am closest to are those I met and taught at SPA. We have developed lasting and continuing relationships.

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