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22 Jun, 2017

Berto: If McGregor catches Mayweather ‘he’ll be the king of the world’

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Berto​, who went 12 rounds with Mayweather in 2015, says McGregor has the confidence to be able to stand up to Mayweather and win.

It’s the fight game. Something can happen. He catches [Mayweather], no-one gonna be able to tell Conor anything. He’s gonna be king of the world. He’s special as well. I’ve never seen an UFC or MMA fighter — and I’ve been watching for a long time — soak in and soak up that atmosphere and be able to soak in that pressure. And still look so relaxed, and capitalize on that. [He should] Just do what he does. Just stay sharp. Stay confident, within that arena.

6 Apr, 2017

Alberto: McGregor ‘will be President of Ireland’ if he touches Mayweather

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Berto, who was beaten by Mayweather in 2015, says that while he thinks McGregor can’t beat Mayweather, there is a huge upside for the Irish fighter.

Understand this, if McGregor comes in here and he clips that man – it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t win – if  he catches Floyd, knocks him down or hurts him… like I said, McGregor can’t… unless Floyd just embarrasses him, if McGregor goes there and puts on a good fight, if he catches Floyd, he hurts Floyd, he drops Floyd, if he knocks Floyd out, oh it’s over! It’s OVER! McGregor going to be the president over in Ireland. He might be president over here. That should be crazy. I don’t know, man. Like I said, man, it’s the fight game. Anything can happen, so shit, if it happens, good luck to both guys.


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