Andre Russel

Andre Russel1 post
1 Feb, 2017

Receives one-year ban for doping violation


Russell is banned from cricket for one year following a doping whereabouts rule violation. Russell appears to be in tears when the decision is handed down. The ban starts from January 31, 2017 to January 30, 2018 meaning the star all rounder will be unavailable for the Thunder next summer, leaving a hole in the BBL|05 champions’ roster. Russell’s attorney:

Relieved it’s one year, but not two years. But I genuinely thought given the circumstances and the evidence that was before the panel that he would have been exonerated. Haven’t made a decision [about an appeal] as yet. We have considered it but we wouldn’t really consider that seriously until we have had a chance to speak with the client and look at the (written) decision

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