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19 May, 2012

Receives 20 year sentence

cbrown-jpgCircuit Judge James Daniels sentences Alexander to 20 years under the state’s “10-20-life” law. The law says that anyone who shows a gun in the commission of certain felonies receives an automatic 10 years prison sentence. Fire the gun, and it’s an automatic 20 years. Shoot and wound someone, and it’s 25 years to life. Alexander’s relatives begged  for leniency but he said the decision was “out of my hands:”

The Legislature has not given me the discretion to do what the family and many others have asked me to do

U.S. Representative Corrine Brown, a vocal detractor of Angela Corey, tells the prosecutor her views in a confrontation outside the court:

The Florida criminal justice system has sent two clear messages today. “One is that if women who are victims of domestic violence try to protect themselves, the `Stand Your Ground Law’ will not apply to them. … The second message is that if you are black, the system will treat you differently.

9 Jul, 2013

Grand Jury indicts state prosecutor

Angela Corey1A citizens’ Grand Jury in Ocala indicts Angela Corey; they find she falsified the arrest warrant and complaint in the George Zimmerman case to further her own reelection campaign by bowing to the will of black activists. The jury demands Governor Scott recognize the legality of its proceedings and file criminal charges against Corey.

13 Jul, 2013

Corey fires whistleblower


Ben KruidbosA state attorney’s office investigator hand delivers a letter to Ben Kruidbos’ home that says

he can never again be trusted to step foot in this office.

It also states poor work performance and violation of public records as reasons for the dismissal. Kruidbos denies the allegations, but fears the letter will make it difficult to find another job.

2 Aug, 2013

Whistleblower files suit

Kruidbos files suit in Jacksonville seeking $5 million from Corey, claiming he was illegally fired after he testified on behalf of George Zimmerman. The suit cites a statute that makes firing for testimony given under subpoena illegal. Kruidbos was subpoenaed by the Zimmerman defense team.

In response, Corey’s office re-releases the original termination letter, which charges Kruidbos of hacking confidential information from state computers.

17 Sep, 2013

State investigates firing

The Florida’s Commission on Ethics as well as the state’s Human Relations Commission investigate Corey’s role in the firing of whistleblower Kruidbos. The complaint filed by the former employee’s attorney, Wesley White says:

Mr. Kruidbos was the victim of retaliatory action by the SAO … when he was terminated from employment. The letter terminating Mr. Kruidbos makes explicit reference to his testimony of June 6th … Prior to his testimony, he was a well-regarded employee, recently received a raise, and was considered a ‘friend’ by the State Attorney. But for his testimony he would still be employed.

15 Feb, 2014

Corey promises retrial

Protestors march on the prosecutor’s office and demand Corey’s resignation. They are angry over what they believe is her failure to get justice in the Jordan Davis, which ended in mistrial. The embattled prosecutor promises a retrial and says:

We intend to fully push for a new trial….Justice for Jordan Davis is as important as it is for any victim.

Guilty on three of four counts


Michael Dunn_1392510341877_2905525_ver1.0_640_480Michael Dunn is found guilty on three counts of attempted 2nd degree murder. A mistrial is declared on 1st degree murder charge. The jury is sure Dunn sprayed the SUV with four teenagers inside with nine bullets before driving away, but are not able to agree whether to convict in the death of Jordan Davis. Dunn claims the teen’s loud music made him feel threatened and he had “no choice’ but to kill the teen.

4 Mar, 2014

Prosecutor wants her day in court

anr_zimmerman_060713George Zimmerman seeks to end his court battle with the state attorney’s office over payment of his legal fees in the Trayvon Martin shooting case. His suit alleges prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda is guilty of unethical behavior and withholding evidence. Corey opposes the request and Assistant State Attorney Rich Mantei formally requests the judge rule in Corey’s favor or resume the hearing, “to make a complete record and establish the state committed no discovery violations”.

18 Mar, 2014

Alexander case details leaked

Corey makes details of Alexander case public in email to the Duval County Legislative Delegation. Her decision raises jury contamination issues and the prosecutor’s detractors call the letter malicious and and assert its release is an attempt to influence pending state legislation that would modify the “Stand Your Ground” law. Corey refuses press requests for interviews.

19 Mar, 2014

Activists Call for Corey’s suspension

Color of Change, the activist organization that exists to strengthen Black America’s political voice, asks Florida Gov. Rick Scott to suspend the state attorney and stop the prosecution of Alexander. The group’s director, Rashad Robinson, calls Corey’s tactics reminiscent of Jim Crow when black people could not depend on government officials for justice.

I think Angela Corey is a bit unhinged and she’s playing for political points, and she believes she can make this black woman a target and win political points.

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