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18 Jun, 2014

Entertainment Weekly cover

Magazine Cover

1403116289_stephen-moyer-anna-paquin-entertainment-weekly-cover-467Paquin and her husband Moyer appear on the cover of a June 2014 issue of Entertainment Weekly. The actress talks about filming love scenes in front of her husband.

It’s not as awkward as you would think. If you were to picture the perfect day at work for your spouse, would that be it? Probably not, but this is just kind of how it’s always been. So it doesn’t feel as bizarre.


Wins Oscar


Paquin wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Piano at 11 years old. She is the second-youngest person to win an Oscar.

I’d like to thank the Academy for the honor of letting me be here today. I’d like to thank Jane, Jan and Holly for making this all possible. I’d like thank Eddie Campbell, Pat Quirke, and Beanie for taking such good care of me during the making of the film.

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