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29 Aug, 2015

Daily Mail interview

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Horowitz talks about James Bond and his book Trigger Mortis.

I remember seeing Dr No in the cinema at the age of eight. It was one of the most significant moments of my life…This is something I have wanted to do all my life.

On the assignment:

I am unlikely to earn as much as from an Alex Rider book, but I have never written with money in my head…The Fleming estate gets involved in what is going to happen and it was clear from the start there were going to be very strict guidelines for writing this book. Part of the recruitment process was to demonstrate to them that I wasn’t going to write something embarrassing or wrong.

On the films:

Daniel Craig is a terrific Bond. Casino Royale is probably my favourite. Of the films after Connery, it is easily the best. Fantastic. A total return to the gritty seriousness of it. Quantum Of Solace just went wrong. Skyfall is my least favourite. I know it is heresy to say so, but it is the one Bond film I have never liked. Bond is weak in it. He has doubts. That’s not Bond. Secondly, the villain wins.

On candidates for the next Bond:

Idris Elba is a terrific actor, but I can think of other black actors who would do it better. For me, Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part. It’s not a colour issue. I think he is probably a bit too “street” for Bond. Is it a question of being suave? Yeah.