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19 Sep, 2015

CBS interview


Gilmour and Samson are interviewed by Mason on CBS News. Gimour describes the thrill of hearing his music on the radio:

You have this idea that there are millions, literally, of people listening to it at the same time as you and that little strange telepathy of a feeling that you’re sharing something live with all those people.

Samson, on writing lyrics:

I walk for miles with [the track] on repeat in my headphones … But the more I walk with it and the more I listen to it, things just start emerging. And the music is so suggestive. I mean, David speaks with the guitar…I didn’t really want to stick my head above the parapet at all. Big shoes to fill, you know. Syd Barrett, Roger Waters.

28 Feb, 2015

Anthony Mason dies age 48


Mason dies at age 48 from congestive heart failure. Mason’s son, Anthony Mason Jr.:

First I want to thank all those who offered prayers and well-wishes for my Father, our family really appreciates it. Overnight, New York City and the world lost a legend, a friend, a brother … but more than anything our father, Anthony Mason. As you all would expect our father — Big Mase — put up an incredible fight, dealing with a severe heart issue. I’m wishing this was something else I was writing, but Pops we’ve got to let you know we love you and know you’ll always be with us.

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