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7 Aug, 2014

Davis Cup match moved from Tel Aviv

The International Tennis Foundation announces that it is moving Israel’s Sept. 12-14 Davis Cup match against Argentina out of Tel Aviv and that the playoff will not be held in any other Israeli city. Israel, as the team with home-court advantage, must choose among four venues for the new location: New York; Delray Beach, Fl; Krakow, Poland; or Tallinn, Estonia. Argentine Tennis Association president Arturo Grimaldi regarding the 204 Gaza conflict:

We are concerned. We have communicated with the ITF, which promises to make a decision about Davis Cup very soon.

8 May, 2014

NML Capital files Argentinian debt argument

Investors, led by billionaire Paul Singer’s NML Capital Ltd., ask the Supreme Court to find Argentina liable for $1.3 billion in debt at 92 percent interest and force the South American country to pay. Argentina claims an adverse ruling would provoke catastrophic default and President Cristina Fernandez vows not to honor the decision if it goes against her. NML’s brief says:

Argentina ultimately is not interested in any court’s views concerning those questions. By Argentina’s lights, it has the final word, and it will recognize a judicial ruling only if it accords with Argentina’s conclusions.”

Hedge funds and holding companies cite the 114 court rulings and 30 World Bank settlement orders the country refuses to pay in support of NML’s claim and urge justices to recognize the country’s chronic mistreatment of private-sector creditors.

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