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19 Dec, 2011

KTAR in Phoenix with Doug and Wolf interview


Graham talks about how long he would like to coach at Arizona State:

You can say, Look at his track record. He was at Rice one year. If I describe the circumstances from which I left there and, really, if everybody knew all the circumstances that I just left, but I’m not going to go into that. … You look around the country, they’re firing coaches after two years and it’s unfair. But I can tell you this, that I come here because I think this is a destination. It’s where my wife and family wanted to be. … I’ll prove that I’m going to be here. Unless I’m fired or retired, I plan on being here.

31 Aug, 2011

KTAR in Phoenix with Burns and Gambo interview


Erickson gives his thoughts about Arizona State’s close losses:

Yeah. I really believe you do. Why did we lose them? Obviously the kicking game cost us a couple. You look at them and say why did we lose them? Obviously the kicking game cost us a couple particularly P.A.T. situation against Wisconsin and then against USC with the guy returning it all the way. Just being undisciplined, having stupid penalties, turning the football over in critical situations, so the bottom line is we talked about it a lot. Obviously our players understand it. In the heat of the game things are going to happen, but you have to understand what it takes to win. I guess by losing some of those close ones you find out what it takes.

22 Mar, 2011

The Dan Patrick Show interview


Robles speaks about if he was treated different by his wrestling teammates and coaches because he only has one leg:

No I don’t and that was actually one of the things I really wanted to stress starting off wrestling and especially getting into Arizona State. I wanted to be treated like everybody else. My parents didn’t raise me with any special treatment and so I grew up thinking I was just a normal kid. I wanted to be treated as such. It was real important for me as a captain, as one of the captains at Arizona State, to show the guys I’m just like them and now I can be right alongside of them busting my butt and working as hard as they were.

2 Sep, 2010

KTAR in Phoenix interview


Erickson talks about his team’s defense for the upcoming season:

Well obviously we’ve got good depth. We’ve had some injuries at defensive tackle the last week or so Corey Adams and Toa are both going to be out for a couple weeks. They’ll be back. Of course, Lawrence Guy and Saia were extremely good there, and Bo Moos has played very well for us. We’ve got six hands that we feel we can play, so our linebacker corps has been well known…we’ve got some depth there. Probably the biggest surprise on defense for me has been our safetys and particularly our corners. We feel like with Devron Carr and Boldin we have two corners who can come up and play man coverage which allows us to do more things.

11 Mar, 2009

KTAR in Phoenix interview


Sendek talks about Arizona State’s upcoming game with Arizona:

The game is important to us, the Pac 10 Tournament is important to us. We know we’re going to have to be at our best to beat Arizona. The games that we have played previously could have gone either way. We were fortunate that the see-saw tilted in our direction but both games came down to the final possession; so you can never control the other side, you have to focus on yourself, which believe me is hard enough.

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