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27 Mar, 2013

KNBR in San Francisco interview


Miller comments on an upcoming game against Ohio State:

I always feel like our team’s at our best when we play with 10 turnovers or fewer, or even 12 turnovers or fewer. Ohio State’s that elite team that when they get a deflection, a steal, a stop, they’ve got so much firepower in transition coming at you. … It’s a little bit what did us in against UCLA the number of times we lost. Our turnovers led to back-breaking points.

12 Sep, 2012

Fox Sports Radio

Rodriguez talks about a win over Oklahoma State:

It was. I was happy for our kids. We have to have a lot of things go right for us and we have to make the most of our opportunities but it did. I told our guys to keep plugging away, keep plugging away and playing hard. Then if we get a few bounces our way who knows what’s going to happen.

28 Nov, 2011

KTAR in Phoenix interview


Rodriguez comments on why he took the head football coach position at Arizona:

The thing that appeals to me is obviously they’ve had some success there. Mike Stoops had them right on the cusp and did a pretty good job and they were right there and just had some tough luck. … They’ve had success in a lot of other sports. Look what they’re doing in men’s basketball, what they’ve done in softball. It’s a great college town with tremendous fan support, tremendous alumni support.

25 Mar, 2011

Into the Night with Tony Bruno

Williams talks about Arizona’s victory over Duke in the 2011 NCAA National Basketball Tournament:

Yeah this is the best win we’ve had since I’ve been here at Arizona and actually in the last couple of years. Whenever you beat Duke, not only by more than two points or ten points, but we beat them by 16 points and it’s a great feeling. We played hard tonight. We got a lot of stops. I think we led the second half in rebounding 40 to 27. So whenever you can outrebound people and get a lot of stops, you have a good chance of winning. That’s what we like to do. Get stops, push the ball, and get out in the open court.

17 Feb, 2011

KJR in Seattle interview


Miller talks about the importance of the last four weeks of regular season conference play for Arizona:

I think it’s a big week for everybody just because you’re no longer dealing with a half a season or a lot of different variables and games left. … You have a lot of information gathered, so to speak, and then you have a four-game season. … We’ll know a lot more after this weekend and who plays well this weekend and is successful will determine the next two weeks.

13 Apr, 2009

XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix interview


Miller talks about accepting the head basketball coach position at Arizona:

Me, picking up and leaving Xavier University, a lot of people out here may not understand the great tradition we had going on out there and the team we had coming back. I wasn’t going to leave there unless I felt it was one of the top places in the country to coach college basketball and at the end of the day, when you have that opportunity, it may never come again. I feel very fortunate to be here, honored to be the coach and hopeful that we can have the success here in the future that we’ve had over a quarter of the century.

24 Mar, 2009

KTAR in Phoenix interview


Pennell talks about facing Louisville in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament:

Knowing what they’re going to do and stopping what they’re going to do are two different things but I think we’ll go into that game prepared just like we were this past weekend but we’ll slug away, give it our best shot, and see what happens.

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