Armani1 post
5 Dec, 2014

Collaboration with Jessica Chastain

Armani annojessica-chastainunces partnering with film director J.C. Chandor to design and build Jessica Chastain’s full wardrobe for her role in the upcoming A Most Violent Year. Giorgio Armani:

It was a high honor to collaborate with J.C. Chandor and Kasia Walicka-Maimone. This wonderful film project had great appeal to me because it is set in a time frame when women’s clothing was being revolutionized. Minimalism was a shocking new concept. The power suit was just beginning to find its way into the wardrobes of the most confident women. Jessica Chastain is a very charming woman and I find that she always wears my clothes perfectly, with great, nonchalant ease.

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