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30 Mar, 2015

Crowd noise fine, lose draft pick


As punishment for piping crowd noise into home games, the Falcons are fined $350,000 and forfeit a 2016, fifth-round draft pick. The Falcons will not appeal the punishment.

What took place was wrong and nowhere near the standards by which we run our business. Anytime there are actions that compromise the integrity of the NFL or threaten the culture of our franchise, as this issue did, they will be dealt with swiftly and strongly.

27 Feb, 2015


Dropped from Team

The Falcons release Jackson, saving the team $3.75 million against the salary cap.

In terms of what we hoped to accomplish as a team on the field, my time as a Falcon was a disappointment, but I will always be grateful for how the city and franchise treated me while I was there…Make no mistake: I can still punish a defense. I still have a warrior’s heart. There are 1,000-yard seasons left in these legs. I know what I am still capable of, and I have every intention of proving it.

29 Dec, 2014

Falcons fire Smith

The Atlanta Falcons fire head coach Mike Smith after a 34-3 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Falcons owner Arthur Blank:

I would tell you that probably including my 23 years at Home Depot, this was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make. And I mean that very sincerely. It was complicated by the deepest respect that I had, we all had, for Smitty.

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