Ends gay adult ban

Boy Scouts of America announces that the National Executive Committee unanimously approved a resolution allowing gay adults to serve as employees and volunteers. A vote by the National Executive Board is set for July 27th. This resolution will allow chartered organizations to select adult leaders without regard to sexual orientation, continuing Scouting’s longstanding policy of […]

Could be sued

Goldman faces possible legal action from Greece over complex financial deals in 2001 that many blame for its subsequent debt crisis. Goldman swapped debt issued by Greece in dollars and yen for euros which were priced at a historical exchange rate that made the debt look smaller than it actually was. The swaps reportedly made about […]

Animal abuse video release

Video footage emerges of animal abuse at a Tyson Foods contract farm in Delaware, showing thousands of birds bred so fast they become crippled under their own weight and workers carelessly kicking, clubbing, and throwing chickens, with many of them being severely ill without veterinary access or food and water. Mercy For Animals calls on Tyson […]

Apologizes for colonial era

Pope Francis offers a direct apology during his Bolivia tour for the complicity of the Roman Catholic Church for the oppression of Latin America during the colonial era, even as he calls for a global social movement to shatter a “new colonialism” that fosters inequality, materialism and the exploitation of the poor. Some may rightly say, […]

Flag removal vote passes

South Carolina’s Senate votes in favour of the removal of the Confederate flag that has flown from a 30-foot pole as part of a Confederate Soldier Monument in front of the Statehouse steps since 2000, to the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum. The 37-3 vote easily surpasses the two-thirds majority needed during a third […]

USA wins finals

USA defeats Japan 5-2 in Women’s World Cup Canada Finals, ending their 16-year drought. USA were 2-0 in the first 5 minutes, then 4-0 in the first 16 minutes. Japan scored its first goal midway through the opening half, then another goal 5 minutes after half -time, only for the 3 goal lead to be extended […]

$75,000 stolen

A man with a gun and bulletproof vest, posing as an armoured truck driver, cons Bristow Walmart employees of more than $75,000 in cash. The man claims to be there for a cash pick-up for Loomis Armoured, with employees only realising their mistake when the real Loomis truck arrived, 30 minutes later. Federal authorities move in […]

Rules suing for fracking companies

Oklahoma State Supreme Court rules that home-owners whose dwellings have been damaged due to fracking-related earthquakes can sue the companies responsible. The main reason behind the ruling is so that lawsuits wouldn’t have to go through the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Allowing district courts to have jurisdiction in these types of private matters does not exercise […]

Panama drops Miss Universe

Panama drops out of the Miss Universe pageant in protest of Trump’s comments about immigrants. The Miss Panama Organization and the Telemetro TV station say they wont be a part of the contest or broadcast it: In a message of solidarity for our Mexican brothers and sisters Panama and Telemetro say they will re-evaluate their […]

Lose £1.5 trillion

The Chinese stock market loses equivalent to £1.5 trillion over the past three weeks. The Shanghai Composite has fallen 30 percent since its peak on June 12, following a record breaking eight months of growth. It’s the market’s worst three weeks since 1992.

Fireworks injure nine

Nine people suffer injuries during an accident at a fireworks show in Colorado, after “two or three” fireworks shells go into the crowd due to a “malfunction”. The accident occurs roughly 17 minutes into the 23-minute fireworks display, bringing the event to an abrupt halt.

Pao apologizes

Pao apologizes to the Reddit community for how the company handled Taylor’s firing. I’m sorry we let our community down yesterday. We should have informed our community moderators about the transition and worked through it with them…Most of the community is made up of thoughtful people, and they can appreciate what we all do, even […]

Longest non-stop solo flight record

The Solar Impulse 2 lands in Hawaii after breaking the record for world’s longest nonstop solo flight, a five-day, 118 hr solar-powered journey across the Pacific Ocean from Nagoya, Japan to Kalaeloa. Steve Fossett set the previous record of 76 hours when he flew a specially-designed jet around the globe in 2006. Borschberg: Nobody now can say that […]

Chicago adds 9% Cloud Tax

Chicago introduces a cloud tax, which sets a 9 percent tax on cloud services. The ruling is in two parts: the first part covers streaming media services like Netflix and Spotify, while the second covers remote database or computing platforms like Amazon Web Services or Lexis Nexis. Under the new law, $100 of server time in Springfield would cost $109 if you’re […]

AMA admin fired

In the wake of Jackson’s AMA, Reddit fires AMA admin Victoria Taylor. Other moderators of the subreddit feel the impact of her removal and close the subreddit off to the public Reddit population. Other large subreddits, such as /r/books, /r/science, /r/music, also close their subreddits in apparent protest to her removal. AMA moderator /u/Karmanaut: Today, […]

No evidence of shooting

Investigators find no further evidence of a shooting and nobody has been injured. No arrests have been made or weapons found. Mayor Bowser says there is no evidence of a shooting. A U.S official says Navy security saw surveillance video of two people jumping the fence in the vicinity of the building, but nobody was found. […]

Lockdown as active gunman on site

Washington Navy Yard is in lockdown with a “shelter order” in place, say US Navy Officials, as reports of an active gunman emerge. Navy Officials say an investigation is ongoing. Lockdown/shelter in place. Investigation continues. No further info at this time. DC police close streets near the scene as US park police respond to the reports […]

Announces embassy openings

The United States and Cuba plan to officially seal the renewal of diplomatic ties, includes the reopening of embassies in Washington and Havana for the first time in more than half-a-century. Two senior administration officials say they expect the public announcement July 1. We will formally announce tomorrow that the United States and Cuba have reached an […]

USA 2-0 Germany

USA beats Germany 2-0 after the semi-final in Montreal. The game featured a spot-kick failure from Celia, while Lloyd managed to score off a penalty a few minutes later before setting up Kelley for a late goal. USA will now face the winner of the second semi-final between Japan and England.

Executes Mosul top official

ISIS executes Abu Usman al-Hassan – one of the group’s commanders and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s representative in Mosul — on charges of conspiracy, for plotting a coup against the group. Syrian and Arab fighters withdraw towards Raqqa in protest of the execution. An eyewitness says there had been disagreements between Usman and other commanders.

Plans rally at South Carolina State House

The Klan plans to hold a pro-confederate rally on July 18 at the South Carolina Capitol to protest efforts to remove the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds. They expect 100 to 200 to attend. A man who identifies as the “Grand Titan” on the North Carolina sector of the Loyal White Knight explains the reason for […]

$1.7 Billion IMF payment default

Greece formally defaults on its $1.7 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund in Athens, after another attempt to get a two-year bailout from Europe of $32 billion. Greece is now the first developed country to default to the IMF. Greece will now be cut off from access to IMF resources until the due payment […]

Rules public funds for private schools unconstitutional

Colorado’s Supreme Court rules that the use of a voucher program that allowed parents in Douglas County to use taxpayer money to send their children to private schools. The court says that it violates the State Constitution that explicitly prevents money from going to schools that are controlled by an church or sectarian denomination whatsoever. Colorado’s […]

Rules 10 commandments statue unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma rules 7-2 that the 10 commandments statue on the Capitol Grounds be removed as it violates the state’s constitutional ban on using public property to benefit a religion. The ruling overturns a decision by a district court judge who determined the monument could stay. It prompted calls by a handful of Republican lawmakers […]

Requests bankruptcy

Governor Padilla demands that the U.S. government allow Puerto Rico to access to Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Puerto Rico currently owes $73 billion that it is unable to pay and has one of the lowest possible credit ratings. We cannot allow them to force us to choose between paying for our police, our teachers, our nurses, and […]


Lee is hospitalized  at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after a 911 call. The reason behind the emergency call is not clear.

One death reported

South Korea reports another death to MERS, bringing the number to 33. The number of patients remains unchanged at 183.