Sends Invitation

Wade and his fiancé Gabrielle Union send invitations to their wedding. The wedding takes place at a secret location in Miami on Aug. 30, 2014. The invitation states no cameras or cell phones allowed.

Statement about Lebron James

Wade releases a statement on Lebron James’s decision to leave the Miami Heat and go back to Cleveland: As a friend and a teammate, I am sad to see my brother LeBron leave to begin a new journey. In 2010, we decided to come together all for one goal — to win championships and we […]

Neighbor sues

Garnett is sued by his neighbor for an illegal renovation. According to the suit, Garnett started the construction project on his $9.5 million mega-mansion back in 2013 but never got the correct permits. The neighbor claims that Garnett lied to the city about the project, and that Garnett’s renovations are blocking his view. The neighbor […]