Ben Fields

Ben Fields1 post
28 Oct, 2015



Fields is fired after department officials conduct an internal review that finds he used a maneuver that violates the agency’s training and procedural standards. Sheriff Lott also criticizes the student for “having started this whole incident with her actions”:

He picked a student up, and he threw the student across the room; that is not a proper technique. Deputy Ben Fields did wrong this past Monday, so we’re taking responsibility for that…He’s sorry that this whole thing occurred. It was not his intent…He tried to do his job, and that’s what he feels like he did. He tried to do his job, and it happened very quickly.

School district:

We know important work is ahead of us as we thoughtfully and carefully review the decision-making progress that may lead to a school resource officer taking the lead in handling a student disruption. Conversations that have already started will continue around how we work with the sheriff’s department on improvement and coordination of our work as educators and their work as law enforcement officers.

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