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10 Mar, 2012

Scrolls trademark settled

Mojang announces that the lawsuit with Bethesda over the “Scrolls” trademark is settled. They say that they are allowed to keep the name of the game as Scrolls, but will not keep the trademark. Bethesda says:

ZeniMax has licensed the ‘Scrolls’ mark to Mojang to be used solely in conjunction with its existing Scrolls digital card game and any add-on material it makes to that game. The terms of the settlement bar Mojang from using the Scrolls mark for any sequel to the current card game, or any other video game.

5 Aug, 2011

Bethesda threatens Scrolls

Game publisher Bethesda sends Notch a 15-page letter threatening to sue Mojang if the name of Scrolls is not changed because it conflicts with their trademark, “The Elder Scrolls”. Notch says that he does not believe they have a strong case because scrolls, though the word is in the name, are not a focal point of the marketing or theme of the game:

Today, I got a 15 page letter from some Swedish lawyer firm, saying they demand us to stop using the name Scrolls, that they will sue us (and have already paid the fee to the Swedish court), and that they demand a pile of money up front before the legal process has even started. I assume this is all some more or less automated response to us applying for the trademark.



Bethesda Gridiron!Bethesda releases its first game, Gridiron!, for the Amiga and Atari systems. Christopher Weaver touts this title as being the first physics-based sports game:

Our Gridiron! football program (for Amiga and Atari) was not statistically based but built to incorporate a bounded system of man-made rules operating within a physics-based world engine. So impressive was this novel system that Trip Hawkins, then President of Electronic Arts, asked Bethesda to become an affiliate and help design their “new” football game, John Madden Football.

Bethesda Softworks Founded

Bethesda Softworks is founded by Christopher Weaver in Bethesda, Maryland. The studio soon begins work on its first title, Gridiron!, a sports simulation game.

I founded Bethesda in 1986. To the best of our knowledge (and Johnny Wilson agrees with this so you can assume this information is reasonably accurate) we invented physics-based sports games.

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