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5 Mar, 2014

Genius Of Startup interview


Liu interviews Corcoran and Medved at the 92nd Street Y about great business ideas. Medved:

Many people get this idea that it’s all about the idea…and that’s completely wrong. The first thing you have to do is you have to develop the idea. Even before you start building, you have to convince other people that it’s a great idea.


I don’t really pay much attention to the idea at all. If it’s common sense and it’s plausible, that’s fine…I’m hyperfocused on the entrepreneur. I’m trying to pick out the right people

The Genius of Start-Up: Jonathan Medved and Barbara Corcoran with Betty Liu

15 Oct, 2014

Bloomberg TV interview


Hoover talks with Liu and Sculley about why teenagers like Product Hunt:

Teenagers are always looking for the next thing.

On whether the apps on the site will make good companies:

It’s not our job to make sure these turn into companies. Most of them should not be companies. They’re not companies but hopefully they can inspire somebody to take them and use them in their own companies or products.

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