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23 Sep, 2014

Billy Corgan interview

Esquire interviews Corgan about the Smashing Pumpkins album Adore and its successful new age sound.

It was made to be ahead of its time. But just because I made it that way doesn’t mean that it is. But my particular opinion is that part of it holds up pretty well. For example, if you listen to modern music production, almost all the drums are faked or synthetic or some amalgamation of samples. The music is leaner, tends to be more rhythmically melodic, and there’s a lot of that on the album that makes it seem contemporary. Some of the futuristic stuff is limited, I think, by the fact that we were using what would now be considered primitive technology. It’s a little bit like watching one of those old sci-fi movies where the dinosaurs are obviously really badly done. There’s some stuff that if it was done today it probably would have been done a lot different. But then again its crudeness is part of its charm. Because I was working with, by today’s definition, antiquated electronic equipment.

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