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4 Sep, 2014

MIT bookstore accepts Bitcoins

MIT’s Kendall Square bookstore may be the  first campus retail store to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment. Jerry Murphy, president of the The Harvard Cooperative Society, the corporate branch that manages the MIT COOP and the Harvard COOP in Harvard Square:

In the college industry, to my knowledge, I believe we are…Part of our decision to do this was based on the fact that we have had a Bitcoin exchange in our store for six months now. MIT has a reputation of being on the cutting edge of a lot of things, and the student body has an interest in Bitcoin. All these factors came together and we said, ‘let’s give it a shot and see if it makes sense.

24 Jan, 2014

Bitcoin sales

Branson confirms that Virgin Galactic has made several sales to customers paying with Bitcoin:

There are a lot of people who’ve made lots of money out of Bitcoin, we’ll accept their money and send them to space. We’ve had six or seven space tickets sold already.

He has invested in Bitcoin and supports the idea of a global currency:

I suspect if it’s not Bitcoin somebody like Square will be the people who come up with that currency.

22 Nov, 2013

Accepts Bitcoin payments

Branson announces that Virgin Galactic is accepting Bitcoin:

The first ticket we sold was actually today was to a stewardess in Hawaii who made quite a a lot of money by getting into Bitcoin early on.

The company transferred the ticket price into dollars:

So there’s a fixed price … [and] we can actually pay her money back, if she changes her mind about going to space in a few months.

If Virgin Galactic didn’t have a refund policy, it might be willing to conduct a pure Bitcoin transaction.

Richard Branson on Bitcoin - Virgin Galactic Accepts Bitcoin

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