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2 Sep, 2010

Essence cover

Magazine Cover

OCTOBER COVER.inddKodjoe, Underwood, and Gross appears on the cover of Essence magazine to discuss what makes them happy and faithful. Gross on communication:

My parents have been married for 43 years. What I’ve learned about love is that communication is everything. I’m also paying more attention to the little things because they add up.

15 Oct, 2013

Blair Underwood interview


Hall interviews Underwood on The Arsenio Hall show. They talk about his mother’s crippled condition and how he was inspired to play the role of a disabled character that resembled his character.

My mom’s kinda bad ass. Mama don’t play. Yeah she’s tough, she’s tough and it really is that kind of independent spirit and she laughs a lot. She’s says all the time ‘Every day above ground is a good day’.

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