LinkedIn restores Newslines pages

17 Nov, 2016
linkedin-logo-squareAfter a few weeks offline, our LinkedIn newslines pages are back! Since April 2016 we had built up around 20,000 followers by providing curated news on well-known entrepreneurs.

Our objective was to build the first such network on LinkedIn, and we thought the company would be happy for us to do so. But, just as the pages were beginning to take off they were taken offline, and despite protestations, I was not given a clear answer why.

Last week I was contacted by Daniel Roth, LinkedIn’s executive editor, who explained that the company’s Trust & Safety team had initially flagged the newslines for not conforming to the way they believed their Showcase pages — which are intended to showcase a company’s product — should be used. However, after reading my blog posts, his team had ‘lots of internal discussions’ and decided that our use of Showcase pages was ‘totally fair’.

They only asked that the image for each page was adjusted to made it clear that the posts were from Newslines, and not from the subject of the line. That was done, and the pages have been restored.

I’d like to thank the people involved in reviewing our case, especially Daniel. I am looking forward to growing the lines again, and building a resource that benefits each line’s followers, and LinkedIn itself. Feel free to follow each page below:

Elon Musk Donald Trump Mark Zuckerberg
Elon Musk Mark Zuckerberg
Jeff Bezos Richard Branson Mark Cuban
Jeff Bezos Richard Branson Mark Cuban

Mark Devlin is the founder and CEO of Newslines. Find out more about him here. Click here to follow Mark on Twitter.

Newslines is a new kind of new search engine that is a solution to media bias. Our aim is to summarise all of the world’s news, from the past to the present, strip it of bias and commentary, leaving just the facts, and organise it into news timelines. Our newsline of Emma Sulkowicz is a good example of a non-biased newsline, created from highly-partisan sources.

We currently have 2.5 million page views/month and aim to get to one billion page views/month within three years. If you are interested in helping us grow, please contact Mark at [email protected]. You can read more about Newslines here.

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