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6 Dec, 2016

Trump says he will cancel order for new Air Force One

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Trump says he will cancel the $4 billion order for the new Air Force One.

He also tells reporters:

The plane is totally out of control. It’s going to be over $4 billion for Air Force One program and I think it’s ridiculous. I think Boeing is doing a little bit of a number. We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money.

Boeing says the current Air Force One program is worth $170 million.

We look forward to working with the U.S. Air Force on subsequent phases of the program allowing us to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the American taxpayer,

13 Oct, 2015

Creates lightest metal

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Boeing microlattice imageBoeing says it’s created the lightest metal ever, a microlattice “open cellular polymer structure” material, that it describes as 99.99% air. The main use of the material would be structural components, such as sidewall or floor panels of commercial jets. There is currently no commercial use planned.

14 Aug, 2015

Adds extra seats

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Qantas adds extra seats to its Boeing 737-800s, increasing the number from 168 to 174. The extra rows are added by making the lavatories smaller and reconfiguring the rear galley. The seat pitch is unchanged. The interiors and seat covers are also being changed. CEO Joyce, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Deputy Premier Jackie Trad are present at the launch of the reconfigured airplanes in Brisbane. Joyce:

The 737 is the backbone of our domestic fleet and this refresh is part of our strategy to deliver the best experience for our customers, whether they’re in the air or on the ground.

23 Jul, 2015

$30 million Museum of Flight donation

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Boeing and Bill Boeing’s family donate $30 million to the Museum of Flight to create the “Boeing Academy for STEM Learning” at the museum, which will promote science, technology, engineering, and math education programs. An estimated 45,000 future jobs in Washington will require STEM credentials, and Boeing believes that this program will help to fill those positions. The goal of the new funding is to have 5,000 students participating by 2019. Half of those will be young women, students of color or economically disadvantaged youth. Boeing:

This is an opportunity to invest in our children and in our region’s future economic health and growth.

23 Jun, 2015

Sue over cabin air

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Four Alaska Airlines flight attendants sue Boeing claiming that the air ventilation systems are sometimes toxic. They claim that the “bleed air” design of the aircraft can expose the cabin air to toxic fumes from the engine, which are used to cycle the air. Their attorney:

We know Boeing has known about this problem since the 1950’s. This was the primary problem that they had to address with this ‘bleed air’ design. And it’s the problem they’ve fixed now with its newest design the 787.

19 Dec, 2014

Offers self-destructing spy phone


Boeing partnerBoeing Blacks with BlackBerry on the Boeing Black, a secretive, self-destructing smartphone developed for use by U.S. defense and homeland security employees and contractors.The phone is being tested with BlackBerry’s main business enterprise server product, known as BES, which provides software that allows monitoring of devices. BlackBerry chairman and chief executive officer John Chen:

We’re pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating with BlackBerry to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilizing our BES12 platform. That by the way is all they allow me to say.

5 Jul, 2014

Train carrying 737 fuselages derails


Boeing DerailmentA train carrying six Boeing 737 fuselages, as well assemblies for the 747 and 777 planes, derails in Montana while traveling from Witchita to Everett, Washington. The cause of the derailment remains under investigation.

Our team of experts is assessing the damage. We will know more once our experts have completed their inspection. Once we determine the extent of damage we will assess what, if any, impact there will be to production.