Brandon Flynn

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16 May, 2017

Flynn still hasn’t watched whole series: ‘I feel like Clay’

Makes Statement

After  Tommy Dorfman (who plays Ryan the photographer) says it took him three weeks to watch the show, Flynn admits he still hasn’t watched the final three episodes.

I feel like Clay, I just can’t watch the last three…I do hope things get better, like for any tragedy, you hope things get better,. But like a lot of Shakespeare’s tragedies and a lot of real life tragedies, I hope that the story is told truthfully and sometimes that’s not pretty. I hope that we keep exploring ugly parts to stories and I hope that people keep having issues with the stories we’re telling, just because I think that if people have issues with it, there will also be people on the other side that have a lot of faith in it and what it can do.

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