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Brewery Ommegang is a Belgian brewery located near Cooperstown, New York that specializes in Belgian-style ales. The brewery was founded by Don Feinburg and Wendy Littlefield (owners of Vanberg & DeWulf beer import company) along with three family owned Belgian breweries including Duvel Moortgat. Ommegang began brewing in 1997, growing rapidly, and by 2003, the Belgian breweries had all been absorbed into larger corporations. Feinburg and Littlefield sold their share of the company in 2003 to Belgian brewer Brouwerji Duvel Moortgat, who now has complete control over the brewery under the name Duvel USA.

14 May, 2014

Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale

Valar-Morghulis-image_small-e1400075343594Ommegang and HBO unveil the latest addition to the Game of Thrones beer collaboration. Valar Morghulis, translated in the fictional High Valyrian language as “all men must die,”is the winner from last year’s poll. The Dubbel ale’s label boasts the two-headed coin given to Arya Stark by Jaqen H’ghar and the corks will be fire-branded with “Valar Dohaeris,” the traditional response phrase to “Valar Morghulis” meaning “all men must serve.”  Mike McManus, Ommegang Innovation Manager says:

The Dubbel is one of the most recognized beer styles in Belgium and this is a very tasty version of that style.  Valar Morghulis is a complex beer, much like the stories surrounding the phrase.

17 Dec, 2013

Next GOT beer Facebook poll

Ommegang hosts poll on Facebook, giving fans the chance to chose which beer will join the Game of Thrones series this Fall.  Bill Wetmore, Director of Marketing for the brewery says:

The fan response to the beers has been so incredibly positive that we thought it would be a fun reward to ask them to play an active role in selecting the fourth beer.

2 Nov, 2013

Fire and Blood Red Ale


Fire-and-Blood-RhaegalOmmegang and HBO jointly announce their third beer in the Game of Thrones line: Fire and Blood Red Ale. The beer will be released in Spring of 2014 in expectation of the show’s debut of Season 4. The ale is inspired by House Targaryen, featuring a series of labels, one for each of the three dragons on the show. Leinhart comments on the brew:

Once again, we really worked hard to ensure the beer tied nicely into the themes of the show.  Obviously the use of ancho chilies pays homage to the dragons, but the use of rye and spelt wheat links back to the Dothraki people that Daenerys is leading – they are nomads of the plains and these are the grains that would be well at home there.

24 Jul, 2013

Take the Black Stout

Take-The-Black-STOUT-label-revisedOmmegang and HBO announce the second beer in the Game of Thrones series—Take the Black Stout—with a nationwide launch expected at the end of September. Standing at a 7% ABV, the beer draws its inspiration from the Night’s Watch and will feature the sacred Weirwood tree on the label. Leinhart comments on the creation:

With the second beer, we wanted a big, substantial brew, something that would stick to your ribs and sustain you through long nights at watch on The Wall.

29 Jan, 2013

Donates to Barrier Brewing Company


Ommegang presents a check for $9,300 to the Barrier Brewing Company to aid in repairs.  The donation, stemming from the Barrier Relief Ale collaboration, includes contributions from Ommegang and from Union Beer Distributers located in Brooklyn. Union Beer Distributers donated $10 for every keg sold ($3200) and Ommegang donated all of their profit from the collaboration ($6100).

18 Dec, 2012

Iron Throne Blonde Ale


The brewery and HBO announce their first beer in the Game of Thrones series.  Iron Throne is a blonde ale and will be nationally available beginning in mid- to late-March. Leinhart describes how the beer reflects aspects of the show:

With a Lannister currently on the throne, it made sense to do a delicate, but piercing Golden Blonde Ale with Noble hops. Iron Throne is certainly fair in color and soft in appearance, yet it still possesses a complexity and bite to be on guard for.

Brewery Ommegang Game of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale

16 Dec, 2012

GOT beer line


Brewmaster Phil Leinhart is teaming up with HBO to produce a new line of beers based on themes and characters found in the TV series, Game of Thrones. The first beer will be released nationwide in late March to coincide with the Season 3 premiere scheduled for March 31st. There are three more beers planned at this time.

28 Nov, 2012

Barrier Relief Ale collaboration

Ommegang begins brewing Barrier Relief Ale, a collaboration with Barrier Brewing Company located on Long Island.  The proceeds of the keg sales will go towards helping Barrier rebuild its brewery which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  When the Company releases this statement to affected brewing community, Barrier accepts their offer:

Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY, is fortunate to have been undamaged by Hurricane Sandy. After seeing the devastation wreaked across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, we’d like to offer our assistance and support to other breweries that may have suffered from the storm.

Barrier Relief Ale will be sold under the Ommegang’s label, using Barrier’s recipe, and will be distributed in Barrier’s market in NYC and the surrounding area.

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