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17 Sep, 2014

Cox: ‘Yes’

Cox writes for CNN that he supports a Yes vote in the referendum, although he is not allowed to vote:

This vote is not about nationalism, it is about social democracy, and for myself and the people of Scotland, social democracy is at the root of our desire for Independence. An independent state of Scotland will reinforce its own laws, embrace new forms of political thinking, new creeds, new political parties, and new positions of argument. Independence will allow a new system to be put in place, and in Scotland’s case, and for the people of Scotland, a system of social equality where the yoke of the old feudal ideologies are finally dismantled.

17 Jul, 2013

Brian Cox interview


Professor Cox guests on Conan to discuss myths about the Large Hadron Collider and possible life in outer space. He also reveals to O’Brien that teleportation has already been done on small particles.

We’ve already done teleportation on a very small scale. You missed it. We’ve teleported, it’s been a prediction of quantum theory for decades, and we’ve done it with small particles, single particles. So the question is, can you do it with bigger things? We don’t know is the answer.

Professor Brian Cox On Teleportation

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