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13 Oct, 2014

Brooks Wheelan interview

Esquire interviews Wheelan about being fired from Saturday Night Live after only 1 year on the job.

I respect the show and I definitely wish I didn’t leave so early. But as time goes on, I’m more okay with leaving the show. At first I was like, “Oh, darn it!” But now I’m like, “It’s okay, man. I wasn’t getting on a lot anyway.” This way I can go and use my time to do stand-up, which is what I love the most. That’s not a great answer, but there’s not really a great answer, I don’t think.

There’s not really anything that sticks out that I would have done differently. I worked harder there than I have at anything in my entire life. There would be nights where I would want to go home because I was tired, but then thought, “No, you never want to look back and think ‘I could have tried harder.'” And I honestly feel like I couldn’t have tried much harder. I wrote a ton of sketches there, man. Maybe they weren’t amazing, but they were as good as I could do. I worked my ass off there. I have zero regrets.

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