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Bruce Dern

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1 Nov, 2010

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame

Dern is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame under the category of Motion Pictures, along with his daughter Laura Dern, and ex-wife Diane Ladd. This is the first time that three stars were awarded on the same day.

It’s something that I never, ever thought would happen to me or that I could get.

15 Jan, 2014

Tavis Smiley interview


Dern discusses his life as an actor and coming from a family of well known politicians in this interview for PBS.

I ran from it all, and when I was 18, I ran for good. I ran because there was a lack of – when you grow up in that environment you’re taught that you’re privileged and you have a lot, but you still have to prove it every day to everybody in the household.

16 Jan, 2014

Oscar nomination

Dern is nominated for Best Actor at the 86th Academy Awards for portraying Woody Grant in Nebraska.

I crawled out of bed because I saw it was 5:44. My best friend and business partner were with me. I’m absolutely thrilled, and most thrilled at our six nominations. That’s pretty God damned good.

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