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27 Oct, 2016

COD interview


McGregor is interviewed about his appearance in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He says the chance to play game bad guy Captain Bradley Fillion was something he couldn’t pass up.

This is completely outside of the fight world. I didn’t think I would get on the front cover of a UFC video game. I saw a lot of things, but I didn’t see video games. But I’m happy to be here. I get approached all the time with roles and all this stuff. Not many of them are interesting but this one was definitely of interest to me so I went with it and it’s been good…These games are grossing more than Hollywood blockbusters, so it seems like the right fit since I’m grossing more than anyone in the fight game also. The offer came about so naturally and I thought it over. It’s such a big game. I play a good load of games, but there’s only two games I actually really play that I’ve been obsessed with: The UFC game and Call of Duty. Now I’m in both of them. It’s very surreal.

16 Jun, 2014

Advanced Warfare story details

Details have been released for the gameplay of Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. Players will become Jack Mitchell, an ex-marine who is recruited by Atlas Corporation, a tech corporation headed by Jonathan Ironsm who starts a war with the USA to gain global power. Troy Baker voices Mitchell and Kevin Spacey plays Irons The game features an EXO suit allows enhanced freedom of movement, which translates into longer sliding, higher jumps and more dashing, allowing you to avoid gunfire and get to better positions faster. Enemy AI is enhanced, making the gameplay more tense and life-like.

8 Oct, 2013


Eminem releases Survival  from Marshall Mathers LP 2. The song was created for the game Call Of Duty: Ghost. 

The song’s about fighting back and it seems like it fits Ghosts perfectly, I’m gonna be a big part of the Call of Duty game. My new song’s in it, got a video dropping for it soon too.

Eminem - Survival (Explicit)

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