Captain Lou Albano

Captain Lou Albano1 post
26 Jan, 2001

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Albano addresses the start of his career in WWE:

Well, I got started years ago. I just got out of the service, this was around 1952, and Vince McMahon, Sr., Willie Gilzenberg sent me down to him and I started wrestling and I wrestled for about 20 years and Bruno Sammartino said to me, “You know you are not a great wrestler, but you’re a good talker, a good bs’er, you never shut up.” So they started me managing in the sixties with Crusher Vadue, Baron Mikel Scicluna, Curtis Iaukea, the Moondogs, and I had the British Bulldogs later on and I had the Valiant Brothers and the Wild Samoans.

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