Carene Bond

Carene Bond1 post
29 Oct, 2014

Removes breastfeeding photo

facebook-breastfeeding-photoFacebook removes a photo of Emma Bond feeding her baby Carene for the first time as it says the photo is offensive nudity. Bond had been told that Carene was unlikely to survive more than three days after she was born 12 weeks early on Oct. 3, weighing only 2lbs 2oz. She was able to breastfeed Carene for the first time on Sunday and uploaded the photo to show the ‘special moment’. It attracted 166,000 likes, but when others tried to share the picture on their profiles, an anonymous user flagged it as offensive and Facebook took it down. Bond:

It was the first time she had breastfed so there was a reason for me posting that particular picture. It was a magical moment and to have it removed the same day for breaching nudity policies was really rubbing salts in the wounds. The picture represents more than just me breastfeeding my newborn baby. Carene is very poorly and we fought very hard to get to this point.

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