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16 Mar, 2015

Signs two-year deal

Joins Team

The Panthers sign Coleman to a two-year contract worth $2.8 million with a $600,000 signing bonus. Coleman:

Being familiar with Sean and watching this defense, I wanted to be able to help this team build into something special and make a run. They’ve done great the last two years getting into the playoffs, but the great thing is they’re not satisfied with just getting there. I want to be a piece to help this team go and be something special.


Kurt gives us a versatile safety who can play both spots. He’s athletic, he’s intelligent, and will understand the system, having worked with Sean before…He’s a very consistent player and also adds special-teams ability. That is something we’ve talked about improving upon and we’ve made some moves this offseason looking for guys that can help us on special teams.

26 Feb, 2015

Seeks reinstatement


After the charges for assaulting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend are dropped, Hardy seeks reinstatement into the NFL. The NFL has opened its own investigation into the incident, so Hardy will remain on the league’s exempt list until that investigation is completed. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy:

He [Hardy] hasn’t been disciplined. There is nothing for him to … seek reinstatement from at this point.

23 Feb, 2015


The Panthers release Williams.

We sat down, and he told me, ‘The fact of the matter is we’re going to have to release you.’ I said, you know, ‘Why?’ and he said, ‘Because we don’t run the ball enough. Just like you said back before the season started, we don’t run the ball enough to keep you and Jonathan Stewart both, so we’re going to release you.’

7 Dec, 2014

Newton incites fight

After Panthers quarterback Newton scores a rushing touchdown in a game against the Saints he celebrates the score by performing his Superman move in front of Saints player Jordan. A brawl between the two teams soon followed. Panthers tight end Williams was to only player to be ejected in the incident. Saints player Lofton, who started the fight when he pushed Newton, says he does not feel guilty:

I thought it was disrespectful. … Don’t regret it. I’d do it 100 times out of 100 times.

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