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9 Jul, 2014

Responds to tax proposal speech

Conway is reported to clash with Palihapitiya over a proposal that San Francisco tax tech company wealth to offset the industry’s contribution to living costs, including a 1% equity tax on startups, and Palihapitiya’s call for Mayor Lee to resign. Conway:

They’re working to make [San Francisco] a better city and so is Mayor Ed Lee, and it is going to get better, not worse. Maybe you can donate some?

5 Sep, 2013

Tech and social capital

Scoble talks with Palihaptiya about how the short-term trends in tech are things like wearables, but how he thinks the longer-term trends are changing society. Palihaptiya:

[…] the way society used to give social capital to people has totally changed

He says traditional education paths, getting a job, buying a car, and buying a house used to give social capital:

But now, structurally, all that shit’s out the window…fewer people than ever are caring about it

He says things like people skills are now as important as going to college, especially since educational sites like Treehouse can teach coding for much less money.

The bad-ass Silicon Valley VC talks context and lack of innovation in Silicon Valley

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