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Choi Doo-Ho is a South Korean mixed martial artist, born in 1991. He currently competes in UFC.

21 Oct, 2016

Targets McGregor

Makes Statement

Choi says he has his sights set on McGregor.

It’s what everyone is talking about and what everyone wants to know about. I want to be the UFC’s first Asian world champion and if that means I have to fight Conor McGregor, then that’s what I will have to do. I will be ready if that happens, as I always am. He’s a great fighter. Like me, he is a real student of mixed martial arts. But I am confident I can beat anyone. Look at the tapes and you’ll know that’s true…There are many great fighters around the world but you have to study this sport as hard as a doctor studies his career. That makes the difference. You can see than in Conor McGregor, too, just as you can in me. We are different personalities, but we have the same philosophy.

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