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Chris Harrison

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12 Aug, 2014

Chris Harrison interview


Seacrest interviews Harrison during On Air With Ryan Seacrest. During the interview Seacrest questions Harrison on how a crew member had a secret affair with one of the contestants of Bachelor In Paradise and broke both his legs jumping from a balcony trying avoid detection.

It’s only fitting that his last name was Putz. It fits so well. As you saw last night, it was great when we interviewed him  in the hospital bed, both his legs are in a cast, and we said, Can we get your first and last name? We thought, How can we make this so grandiose and crazy as to encapsulate the bizarre behavior that just took place? It was hysterical.

23 Jul, 2012

Chris Harrison interview

Seacrest interviews Harrison during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and asks about The Bachelorette finale.

Um, you know, it was pretty split down the middle. I mean honestly there was a lot of Arie fans in the mix as well. Can I also give you a little interesting tidbit about J-E-F? It’s not Jef with one F. It’s Jeff with two Fs. Jef’s mom was there last night and she said, ‘It’s not Jef with one F, his name is Jeffrey! And I thought for a second, my heart dropped, I thought we’ve screwed this up and we’ve been doing it wrong the entire season.

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