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29 Dec, 2015

BBC 6 Live interview


Aaron Starkie and James Ryan are interviewed by Hawkins on BBC 6 Live. On their sound and image:

AS: I think we’re learning that more and more. The last gig we did at Gorilla, the lighting show a was a big part of it. And that’s something we’re considering more for the future, perhaps involving video. In terms of writing, somebody comes up with a riff, whether Jim on the bass, or me on the keyboards, or Kurt on the guitar. Then we jam around that for a while. A lot of the time we’re beating the hell out of it to get it into a working a song. And I’ll have random lyrics for a while. Then there’s other ones like Don’t Mind, that came from start to finish in one complete unit. It’s amazing when that happens.

JR: We don’t sit down write a song that sits into our image.

AS: There’s a few that have been dismissed for being a bit too sunny.

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