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Christina Ricci

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3 Oct, 2014

The Hero of Color City


Ricci voices Yellow, a shy crayon, in this family animated film directed by Frank Gladstone.  Yellow and the rest of the crayons have to save their home and children everywhere from a scary monster. Co-starring Owen Wilson and Rosie Perez.

I thought it was a sweet story.

8 Aug, 2014

First child born

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Ricci gives birth to her first child, a boy, with husband Heerdegen. No name has been released. A friend says:

They are thrilled and ready for a change of pace.

26 Apr, 2014

Around the Block


Ricci plays Dino Chalmers, an American drama teacher, in this drama written and directed by Sarah Spillane. Chalmers moves to Sydney, Australia, with her fiance and gets a job teaching Shakespeare to inner-city high school students. She develops a close mentoring relationship with one of her students in the process. Co-starring Matt Nable and Hunter Page-Lochard.

I liked the script, I found it really upsetting and very moving and interesting about a culture I knew little about. It was an interesting part for me, it’s just a bit more complex than a lot of the things you come across.

25 Jan, 2014

Lizzie Borden Took an Ax


Ricci plays Lizzie Borden, a young woman accused of killing her father and stepmother, in this crime mystery directed by Nick Gomez and based on the true story. Lizzie returns home one day only to find the bodies of her father and stepmother both bludgeoned to death with an ax. She is arrested for the crime and the story spreads nationwide. Co-starring Clea DuVall and Billy Campbell.

Playing Lizzie was really interesting. It was a real challenge because the way the character was written was left up to interpretation and it’s sort of difficult to play somebody who you’re not necessarily sure what their mental state was at the time.

Lizzie Borden Took An Ax Trailer 1 (2014) HD - LIfetime, Christina Ricci

26 Oct, 2013

Ricci, Heerdegen marry

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1383141032_christina-ricci-articleRicci marries Heerdegen on the Upper East Side at Harold Pratt House & Peterson Hall. Ricci wears a Givenchy haute couture wedding dress, which was white silk tulle with an appliqué of Chantilly lace and satin piping, embroidered with micro pearls. Her white veil had an appliqué of matching Chantilly lace. Ricci:

I’m excited to be with all my friends and family and just have a lovely night. I love so many things about James. He’s my favorite person on Earth.

31 Aug, 2012

War Flowers


Ricci plays Sarabeth Ellis, a young wife and mother during the Civil War, in this drama written and directed by Serge Rodnunsky. Ellis’s husband has gone to fight with the Union Army and Sarabeth and her young daughter try to maintain their existence on their farm during his absence. Co-starring Jason Gedrick and Tom Berenger.

"War Flowers" Christina Ricci Trailer

9 Mar, 2012

Bel Ami


Ricci plays Clotilde de Marelle, an influential young woman, in this drama directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod from the novel by Guy de Maupassant. Madame de Marelle has an affair with Georges du Roy, a man intent on climbing the social ladder. Co-starring Robert Pattison, Kristin Scott, and Uma Thurman.

I liked the idea of playing someone who you get the impression is an inherently happy person, who has never really known a day of angst or unhappiness in her life, but then as an audience we get to see her experience her first heart ache, her dealings with pain and anguish on screen and throughout the film.

Bel Ami (2012) - Official Trailer [HD]

25 Sep, 2011

Pan Am


Ricci plays Maggie Ryan, a Pan Am stewardess, in this ABC drama from creator Jack Orman. The series follows the lives and loves of the Pan Am stewardesses and pilots in the 19060’s. Maggie loves her job and so tries to rein in her natural rebellious tendencies so she can keep her job. Co-starring Margot Robbie, Michael Mosley, and Mike Vogel.

I really fell in love with the idea of the show and what the show would provide for further storylines. I loved the fact that there are the misconceptions of who these women were.


2 Mar, 2007

Black Snake Moan


Ricci plays Rae, a promiscuous young woman, in this drama written and directed by Craig Brewer. Rae, a victim of sexual abuse, has grown up to not care how or who uses her body. Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson) is determined to save her from herself. Co-starring Justin Timberlake and S. Epatha Merkerson.

I think there are millions of women like Rae out there. The link between childhood sexual abuse and promiscuity in women and low self-worth and post-traumatic stress and low self-esteem, that link has been well established. And when I read the script, she was such an honest representation in a way without judgment on that kind of person. I thought, ‘Oh, it’s so great to see someone who’s not sugar coated,’ because that implies judgment.

Black Snake Moan (2006) Official Trailer #1 - Samuel L. Jackson Movie HD

12 Feb, 1980

Christina Ricci born in Santa Monica, California

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christina-ricci-child-actors-then-and-nowChristina Ricci is born in Santa Monica, California to real estate agent Sarah and lawyer Ralph Ricci. She is youngest of her parent’s four children. She attends Edgemont Elementary School.

I managed to be the black sheep of the family. I have an unconventional background but what’s average these days? We’re all interesting in our own ways.