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24 Jul, 2015

Fiat issues hacker recall


Fiat Chrysler’s U.S. unit recalls 1.4M cars to update software in the infotainment system to prevent the possibility that they could be hacked. The recall comes in reaction to a demonstration by Wired magazine in which two hackers were able to take control of a Jeep SUV and control it remotely while a journalist was in the driver’s seat. They cranked up the air conditioning and took over the sound system. The car ended up in a ditch.

Launching a recall is the right step to protect Fiat Chrysler’s customers, and it sets an important precedent for how NHTSA and the industry will respond to cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

19 Dec, 2014

Recalls airbags for more than three million vehicles

Chrysler plans to replace defective airbag inflators in just over three million vehicles, all stemming from faulty airbags made by Japanese supplier Takata Corp. The recall covers 2.8 million vehicles in the United States, nearly 300,000 in Canada and roughly 65,000 in Mexico, all mainly older Chrysler models.


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