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27 Sep, 2015

Republican claims are ‘conspiracy theory’


During an interview with Todd on Meet the Press, Clinton is asked if she decided to use a homebrew server to keep her emails out of the hands of Republicans, congressional investigators and those filing Freedom of Information Act requests.

Another conspiracy theory? It’s totally ridiculous…I have, as you’re rightly pointing out, been involved from the receiving side, in a lot of these accusations,’ Clinton continued. ‘In fact, as you might remember during the ’90s there were a lot of them. All of them turned out to be not true. That was the outcome.

Clinton tells Todd that despite earlier allegations, she was able to win voters over anyway when she ran for U.S. Senate in 2000.

They overlooked all of that and they looked at my record and they looked at what I would do for them and I was elected Senator, after going through years of this kind of back and forth,’ she said. ‘And it is regrettable. But it’s part of the system.

Clinton also says that the discrepancy in the Petraeus emails was due to a “transition period”. She also talks about her changing views on gay marriage and the Keystone XL pipeline.

20 Sep, 2015

Would not support Muslim president


During an interview with Todd on Meet The Press, Carson says he would not support a Muslim being president.

Todd: Should your faith matter to voters.
Carson: I guess it depends on what that faith is. If that faith is inconsistent with the values and principles of America then of course it should matter. But if it fits within the realm of America and is consistent with the constitution, then no problem.
Todd: So do you believe that Islam is consistent with the Constitution?
Carson: No I do not. I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.
Todd: Would you ever consider voting for a Muslim for Congress?
Carson: Congress is a different story, but it depends on who that Muslim is and what their policies are.

Ben Carson Would Not Support A Muslim Running For President

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