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Cliven Bundy is an American rancher who is in an ongoing dispute with the Bureau of Land Management about cattle grazing rights on federal lands in Nevada

10 Apr, 2014

Two protesters arrested, charged


Two brothers who came to the Bundy ranch to show support for the rancher in his dispute with the BLM are arrested after fighting with federal rangers.  They are arrested after they illegally entered a federal holding pen near the Overton Marina near Bunkerville, where the BLM is holding some of Bundy’s confiscated cattle. Both brothers deny doing anything illegal or violent; they accuse the rangers of threatening them with tasers. Spencer Shillig claims to have not shown “any signs of aggression” towards the rangers and says he was thrown to the ground. His brother was arrested when he came to assist.

6 Apr, 2014

Bundy son arrested


Bundy’s 37-year old son Dave, a rancher, is arrested by federal authorities outside Bundy’s ranch. He is released shortly thereafter. Bundy’s explanation is that he was exercising his constitutional rights on a state highway outside the Bundy ranch, taking photographs of the roundup and peacefully protesting, when he was “roughed up” and arrested. Natalie Collins of the US Attorney’s office says he was cited on misdemeanor charges of refusing to disperse and resisting arrest. BLM spokesperson Kirsten Cannon says Dave Bundy was detained in order to “protect public safety and maintain the peace.” Cannon elaborates:

The Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service support the public’s right to express opinions peacefully and lawfully. However, if an individual threatens, intimidates or assaults another individual or impedes the impoundment, they may be arrested in accordance with local, state or Federal laws.

Dave Bundy explains:

They got on their loudspeaker and said that everyone needed to leave. I stood there and continued to express my First Amendment right to protest, and they approached me and said that if I didn’t leave, they’d arrest me. … Without any further questions, two rangers surrounded and a third one approached me, and they all jumped me, pulling different directions. And then a couple other guys jumped in, and they took me to the ground. One ranger had had his knee on my spine, and the other one was on my head with his knee on the side of my head and his other knee on the back of my neck.

Later, Dave Bundy expands his story to claim that he was “beaten” by the rangers. Bundy’s daughter Bailey Bundy Logue says “martial law” has been imposed:

Wake up America. Look what our ancestors fought for and we need to stand up for that. We need to realize what’s happening. They are taking everything away from us. This isn’t only about one family. This is about everyone’s family. This is martial law and it’s in America and so what are you going to do to have it stay out of America?

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