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Conan is an American late-night talk show hosted by Conan O’Brien. Co-hosted by Andy Richter, the hour-long show airs Monday through Thursday on cable network, TBS. It premiered in November, 2010 and has won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media.

4 Aug, 2011

Novak Djokovic interview


Djokovic talks about his recent Wimbledon championship. He also shares how he’s handling fame in his home country of Serbia, his brief modeling stint and some of the crazy gigs that his agent puts him up to.

It was a commercial that I have done for my racquet brand that’s representing me, and so they called me and they told me it was going to be crazy, something that nobody has ever done before, but I didn’t assume that it was going to be that crazy. So the guy goes, “Well, we have this 1954 plane right here, and you’re going to play some tennis on the wings.”

9 Sep, 2011

Polo skit


O’Brien meets top polo player Nacho Figueras from Veuve Clicquot and undergoes polo training. Figueras rides his own horse, Dante, while the late-night tv show host rides Fat Tina. After several unsuccessful attempts at hitting the ball, O’Brien is able to play the game.

Veuve Clicquot's Nacho Figueras Gives Conan O'Brien a Polo Lesson

23 Sep, 2011

Foodies list skit


O’Brien investigates a secret ‘foodies’ email list on his show’s staff by setting up a small spread at the conference room and installing close-circuit cameras in it. He catches some of the members of the list, reprimands them, and proceeds to join his staff in eating the food.

1 Nov, 2011

Chinese food delivery skit


As part of his show’s week-long run in New York City, O’Brien tries his hand at being a Chinese food delivery guy. He goes to a local Chinese take-out place called King Wok and makes two deliveries that never make it to the customers. His adventure includes sipping mate with an Argentine woman, getting shot down by a customer, and having coffee spilled on his leather jacket.

Conan Delivers Chinese Food in NYC

4 Nov, 2011

Officiates same-sex wedding

To celebrate his show’s first anniversary, O’Brien officiates a Jewish same-sex wedding on the final night of his week-long run in New York City. The grooms are O’Brien’s long-time costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner David Gorshein, who say their vows underneath a chuppah. Bravo talk show host Andy Cohen walks Cronick down the aisle.

CONAN: The Wedding of Scott Cronick & David Gorshein

6 Dec, 2011

Alec Baldwin interview


Baldwin guests on Conan and talks about news that he is running for mayor of New York and the reactions of some New Yorkers to the rumors. He also talks about his 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan and does an uncanny impression of him.

He’s a man-child. He’s a man-boy. He’s very sweet and very sensitive. Like, my image of Tracy is always the first season. And he had this tape he had. And he would lay in his room, he would lay on the couch, he’s really tired, he probably had a late night, and he’s waiting for them to bring him to makeup. It’s like 7 o’clock in the morning, and he’s watching old, Kinescope transfers, ancient media of Jackson Five specials from like, the 70s.

Alec Baldwin's Tracy Morgan Impersonation 12/05/11

22 Dec, 2011

Secret Santa skit


O’Brien participates in his show’s Secret Santa for the first time and selects talent coordinator Ashley Olivia. Upon discovering her fondness for Jon Hamm, he arranges for the Mad Men actor to surprise her with a signed portrait of himself on the show.

Secret Santa Conan Blows His Staffer's Mind

5 Jan, 2012

Emmy Rossum interview


Rossum returns to Conan and talks about her TV show Shameless. She also sings an Italian aria to O’Brien for a hotdog, shares her fondness for redheads, and talks about her mother’s reaction to her role.

My mom’s cool with whatever I do on the show, because she’s an artist, she’s a photographer, she knows that it’s part of the job. So, she understands that it’s artistic and you know, it’s written in the script and it’s not “me” doing it.

Emmy Rossum Sings Opera For A Hot Dog – Conan on TBS

17 Jan, 2012

Kate Beckinsale interview


Beckinsale guests on Conan to promote her film Underworld: Awakening. She also talks about her struggles in fake-driving, her experience co-presenting with Seth Rogen and her family’s dirty humor.

We have a tradition in your family even now, and whenever I visit my mother’s house, I always have to leave a banana and two apples, or whatever fruit she has and just rearrange her fruit bowl. Just so that she thinks of me when I’m gone.

Kate Beckinsale On "Underworld" Suit, Acting For Swedes – Conan on TBS

Gina Carano interview


Carano guests on Conan to promote her film Haywire. She also talks about the methods that her director Steven Soderbergh uses to put her in character. She shares her dating preferences and the similarities between MMA fighting and sex.

If you think about it, it’s a very real interaction between two human beings, and it’s like an energy. You have a real energy really, and I have an energy, an energy that nobody else is going to share.

Haywire's Channing Tatum on Kissing Gina Carano, MMA Honesty In Action Movies HQ

2 Feb, 2012

Ringo Starr interview


Ringo Starr appears on Conan to promote his latest album, Ringo 2012. He also talked about how the Beatles got started on pot and his unconventional drumming rhythm, which was influenced by his natural left-handedness.

I was born left-handed. And my grandmother thought that was not a good sign, and so she turned me right-handed. So I write right-handed, anything else I do left-handed—golf, whatever. So I have a right-handed kit, but I lead with my left. It’s weird because I need time to do a fill.

Ringo Starr Reveals The Secret Of His Distinctive Rhythm – CONAN on TBS

19 Mar, 2012

Ewan McGregor interview


McGregor guests on Conan to promote his film Salmon Fishing In The Yemen. He also reacts to Louis C.K.’s shout-out in his stand-up special and talks about flying a jet around Scotland with his brother.

I’m just here mainly to tell you that Salmon Fishing In The Yemen is not a documentary film about salmon fishing in the Yemen. However, it is a film about salmon fishing in the Yemen, and once you’ve seen it, you’ll wonder what else it could ever have been called.

Ewan McGregor On "Salmon Fishing In The Yemen" – CONAN on TBS

29 Mar, 2012

Dana Carvey interview


Carvey appears on Conan and jokes about the making of Wayne’s World 3. Carvey also does a few presidential impersonations and talks about his parenting strategy.

It’s funny when you’re “Captain No” as a parent, your kids come up with plans. And you just have to listen to the plans. And this is what I’m hearing, stuff like, “Uh dad, we’re going to drive to Lake Tahoe tonight, we’re going to leave at one in the morning, and we’re going to drive all night.” I’m going to have to say no.

Dana Carvey Is A Presidential Impersonation Machine – CONAN on TBS

17 Apr, 2012

Halo 4 voice-over skit


O’Brien sits down with the Halo 4 design team at 343 Industries and discusses his voice-over work in the game. He is joined by co-host Andy Richter and together, the play a pair of hangar workers tasked to carry crates. They improvise their voice-over by adding humorous lines to their dialogue.

Conan O'Brien's "Halo 4" Voiceover Remote – CONAN on TBS

7 May, 2012

Metta World Peace interview


Metta World Peace appears on Conan and chats with him about his NBA suspension, his desire to play President Obama and his current mix tape project.

Metta on his defensive strategy for the President:

He goes left, just Manny Pacquiao, they both go left. He has no right hand, so I will force him right. And as he shoots the ball, I would not elbow him, first of all. And then I would just swat his shot into the fourth row.

Metta World Peace On Conan – Hasn't Spoken To James Harden – CONAN on TBS

9 May, 2012

Nina Dobrev interview


Nina Dobrev appears on Conan to talk about her show Vampire Diaries. She also teaches O’Brien how to make a sexy vampire face, and demonstrates a yoga move with his help.

Dobrev on making a vampire face:

You have to be vicious and sort of scary, and scare the audience, but then you’re drinking this fake blood, which is actually really disgusting in real life … so you have to sort of look seductive and sexy and yet at the same time scary and mean.

Nina Dobrev Uses Conan As Her Human Yoga Wall – CONAN on TBS

7 Jun, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt interview


Hewitt guests on Conan to promote her television show The Client List. She also talks about her massage skills and the practice of vajazzling.

Lots of women do it. Lots of women do it, it’s really caught on, it’s sort of like a sexy, fun little thing. It doesn’t always have to be done for a man, it just can be done for yourself to sort of feel special and cute and whatever.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has A Sparkly Secret In Her Pants – CONAN on TBS

12 Jun, 2012

Stepdancing skit


O’Brien kicks off his show’s week-long run in Chicago by visiting the Irish-American Heritage Center. He takes a tour of the premises, in which he discovers six bars and an Irish gift shop. He also rehearses with a stepdancing class and performs with them on stage.

Conan Visits Irish American Heritage Center – CONAN on TBS

13 Jun, 2012

Chicago Blues Songs skit


On the second night of his week-long Chicago show, O’Brien visits Frances Xavier Warde elementary school and sings impromptu blues songs based on the children’s real-life problems. Performing with him is Basic Cable band’s leader Jimmy Vivino.

Conan Writes Chicago Blues Songs With School Kids – CONAN on TBS

15 Jun, 2012

CBS local news skit


Conan visits the set of local Chicago CBS station WBBM where he trains under two news anchors, Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson. They share a few broadcast secrets with O’Brien, and together they come up with a new sign off gesture.

Conan Joins The CBS Local News – CONAN on TBS

30 Aug, 2012

Rebel Wilson interview


Wilson guests on Conan to promote her new film, Bachelorette. She also talks about her family, as well as her technique to mastering the American accent. She also reads a disgruntled neighbor’s letter addressed to herself and her roommate, Matt Lucas.

We got a letter in the mailbox, which I brought in today. It was a little bit disturbing because it’s anonymous for a start, and I’ll just read it out to you in how I think the person who wrote it sounds like.

Rebel Wilson & Matt Lucas Are Upsetting The Neighbors – CONAN on TBS

20 Sep, 2012

Simon Helberg interview


Helberg guests on Conan and talks about his newborn baby and his experience doing yoga with his child and wife. He also does an impression of Robin Williams and explains the “stool phase” of every entertainer’s career.

I realized that he got to a point in his career where… there’s a certain point in a person’s career where he brings out a stool. There’s a moment in the night where Rod Stewart brings out that stool, and he sits down, and it’s always like, “Have I told you lately…” and everyone is like “yes!”

Simon Helberg Gets Possessed By Robin Williams – CONAN on TBS

31 Oct, 2012

Halloween store skit


O’Brien visits a local Halloween store, Cinema Secrets, to check out some of the most popular Halloween masks and costumes. He chats with a few customers and comments on some of the store’s sexy costumes, fake facial hair, and kids’ costumes.

Conan Visits The Halloween Store – CONAN on TBS

16 Nov, 2012

Guinness skit


During his trip to Ireland, O’Brien visits The Dublin Guinness Brewery in the hopes of getting a free pint of Guinness. He tours the premises and learns all about the production process with the help of a tour guide and Master Brewer.

Conan Visits The Dublin Guinness Brewery – CONAN on TBS

29 Nov, 2012

Jessica Biel interview


Biel guests on Conan to chat about her recent marriage to Justin Timberlake, and explains to O’Brien that he can no longer flirt with her. She also talks about her childhood as a tomboy, including being into sports and decapitating dolls.

Yeah, I had Barbies for a minute, but they didn’t really stick around very long. I ended up mutilating them, pulling their heads up, cutting up all of their hair, dying them with markers, and sticking them on the Christmas tree lights.

Flirt Fight: Jessica Biel vs. Conan O'Brien – CONAN on TBS

19 Dec, 2012

Chris Pratt interview


Pratt guests in Conan to promote his film, Zero Dark Thirty. He shares his rigorous fitness regimen for his role as a Navy SEAL in the movie, and shows a photo of the results. He also talks about some of his earlier jobs, including being a very good coupon salesman.

I sold coupons. It was one of these kinda multi-level marketing schemes where if you work really hard and make your boss a lot of money, one day, you can have your own office. I did it for two years, from the time I was 18 to 20, and I ended up opening my own office.

Chris Pratt Was A Kick-Ass Coupon Salesman – CONAN on TBS

15 Jan, 2013

Rob Riggle interview


Riggle returns to the Conan couch to promote his new web series, Coogan Auto. He also talks about his actual method in making his NFL picks and some of his predictions for the Superbowl. He also explains a controversial photo featuring himself seemingly ogling Jennifer Lawrence.

This was so unfair! So, she won for Best Action Actress, and she’s amazing. She came up on the stage and I don’t even think I shook hands, I just said “Congratulations” and then we had to back away. And so she stepped up to the microphone, we were squared up and as she turned to the microphone, we all backed away. And as we backed away, I was looking to see where we were going, and sha-boom. Right there.

Rob Riggle Didn't Mean To Ogle Jennifer Lawrence Full Frontal Comedy: Joe R IInbetweeners

7 Feb, 2013

Darryl Lenox stand-up

Lenox appears as a stand-up comic on Conan. His routine talks about the struggles of being partially blind, the reactions he got from people after his eye surgery, and contemplating suicide if the surgery failed.

After I got this eye surgically repaired, that’s how I found out about my old eye because their excitement about the new eye was too much. Darryl, you look like a normal human being. I can’t wait to have sex with you with my eyes open now, baby. I thought her eyes were closed because I was killing her, you know what I mean? I thought I was making her dizzy. I didn’t know she had a gag reflex with my wobbly eye.

12 Feb, 2013

Jackie Kashian stand-up

Kashian gives a stand-up comedy performance on Conan. She talks about being a female stand-up comic, finding her husband through online dating, and the advantages of being married to a video games designer.

And I recommend — I tell people go out with a guy who plays video games. Go out with a guy that reads comic books. Marry that guy because that guy’s home right now.

Jackie Kashian Stand-Up 02/12/13 – CONAN on TBS

3 Apr, 2013

Civil War reenactment skit


During his show’s week-long residence in Atlanta, Georgia, O’Brien visits the city of Resaca to join the Civil War reenactment. He dresses up as a soldier named Pvt. Jedidiah Longtree of the 123rd N.Y. Infantry and tries to build rapport with the other reenactors.

Conan Becomes A Civil War Reenactor – CONAN on TBS

5 Apr, 2013

Southern Charm School skit


During his show’s week-long run in Atlanta, Georgia, O’Brien enrolls in a southern charm school to learn some proper etiquette and manners. Under the guidance of expert Cindy Haygood, he learns the correct way of shaking hands, dressing up, dining, and making conversation.

Conan Enrolls In Southern Charm School – CONAN on TBS

10 Apr, 2013

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau interview


Coster-Waldau visits Conan to talk about Game of Thrones and being able to attend events that recognize the show. He also discusses why his character, Jamie Lannister, has been unkempt lately and also shares an awkward encounter with George Clooney.

I was dying – I just had to go to the restroom. And finally, it’s over and I’m just running out there and it’s packed with people. And all the urinals are taken, but then I spot – there’s stall there, the door was open, and “I’m gonna go, I’m not gonna let anyone get there”, because I was dying. And then this guy is in there, and then I just go for it – I didn’t know he was in there – the door was open. And so I just go for it, he was standing, I’m pretty sure there was spillage, and I said sorry, and he said sorry, and I go “Oh my God, that’s George Clooney.”

Jaime Lannister Looks Just Like Prince Charming From "Shrek" – CONAN on TBS

18 Apr, 2013

Tig Notaro interview


Notaro returns to Conan as a guest to promote her audio stand up performance, Live and her upcoming national tour and. She also talks about her bout with cancer and the importance of living in the present.

I’m doing really well. I’m in remission. I went through a lot last year, and not to be totally intense, heavy, serious, but you know, I learned that it’s important to be present and live your life.

Tig Notaro's Lessons In Remaining Present – CONAN on TBS

30 Apr, 2013

Amy Schumer interview


Schumer returns to Conan as a guest to promote her new sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer. She also talks about how much lying happens on her dates and her experience going out with a wrestler.

We were just very different sexually. Like he was very active in bed, and like moving around. And my style, I like… laying there.

Amy Schumer Used To Date A Pro Wrestler – CONAN on TBS

1 May, 2013

Kesha second interview


Kesha returns to the Conan couch and presents him with custom underwear as a gift. She also talks shows her new lip tattoo and talks about her unique songwriting process, which involves her breasts. She shares the hidden meanings of some of her songs and tells O’Brien of her liking to men with full beards.

I take things too far sometimes. It was just really downhill from there, because then I started this Tumblr page and I just started putting every rogue beard I could find… just in my mouth.

Ke$ha Can't Stop Putting Beards In Her Mouth – CONAN on TBS

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