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Conor McGregor is an Irish mixed martial artist, born in 1988. He has primarily competed in the featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

13 Aug, 2016

McGregor on Mayweather: ‘Show me the money’

Press Conference

At the UFC 202 press scrum, McGregor talks about Mayweather.

Right now, I have Floyd running around the Showtime offices gathering my money. That’s what he’s doing. He’s running around the Showtime offices, begging those executives to come up with the $100 million cash he needs to fight me. As soon as he gets my money, we can fight…Look, If you want to fight me, we can fight. If you need a specific rule set to protect you from a true fight, that’s no problem. Just make sure that money is there. As long as that money is there, we can fight under your safe net of rules. With me, I don’t need rules. I am the f-cking rules.

I’ve got the boxing community saying “I can’t box”, and then I say “okay lets fight,” “Oh well you can’t kick or elbow or grapple… as long as you can’t do that then we’ll box your ass up.” And then I’ve got the grappling community saying “I can’t grapple” so I say “okay let’s fight” and then the grappling community [say] “oh well you can’t box or kick, as long as you can’t do that, then we’ll grapple your ass up”. All these people saying I can’t do this or I can’t do that, well lets fight then and then all of a sudden rules, you need to bring in rules to protect them. I don’t need no rules to protect me, I can fight any way.

I don’t really hold it against [Floyd], I wouldn’t wanna come into my world no way. I mean how is he gonna come into my world, he’s a novice where I come from. He’s a phenomenal boxer, a phenomenal athlete, an intelligent businessman, but he’s a novice in true fighting and that’s just simple fact. I don’t blame him, trying to set rules under the boxing rules. And like I said, I’ve no problem going over there. I would not show up unconfident. I would show up to kill that man and take that win down 100%. Why dominate one world when you can dominate two? We’ll see how that plays out.

14 Aug, 2016

UFC Bad Blood: McGregor Spars with Southpaws


UFC releases a second trailer for Bad Blood, showing McGregor sparring with southpaws, including Wallace.

I’m certainly preparing a lot more specific. Usually, I don’t prepare specific, because they always pull out, every time. I know Nate will show up. This time I know this fight will go down. This time I know I’ll be facing a tall, lanky southpaw, with the height, the weight, and the reach on me. So I am preparing accordingly…I’m feeling very confident. It’s gonna be a bad night for Nate.


For the first fight we didn’t even have one training session with a similar opponent. Now, it’s all we’ve done for the last few months.

UFC Bad Blood: McGregor Spars with Southpaws

UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

Video appearance

All the fighters appearing at UFC 202 — McGregor, Diaz, Johnson and Teixeira — are featured in a Vlog Embedded Episode. Diaz is seen shopping at Whole Foods; Johnson is shown weight training; Teixeira is shown running; and McGregor shown at breakfast and doing cardio training on a bike. McGregor:

I do a sprint on the treadmill, and on the rowing machine, and then I do my endurance on the bike. That’s my cardio finished.


He can talk all the shit he wants. Don’t bug me none…He’s been watching me the whole time. After that last fight he’s doing what he should be doing. Training and doing more rounds. Who gave him the game plan?

UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

Kavanagh: Training Camp created ‘perfect fighter’


In his interview on MMA Hour, Kavanagh talks about the effect of McGregor’s training camp.

I think the first round of the fight was all Conor. I think there is the technical superiority there. I don’t think that will have changed with 18 weeks training. I don’t think Nate will have been able to catch up on that. Clearly the way the contest ended, there was a substantial conditioning difference between the two. That’s what we have changed. Skill wise, it takes maybe ten years, the 10,000 hour rule, to get to a mastery level in something. But conditioning wise, 18 weeks is a lifetime… So I think he is the somewhat perfect MMA fighter now.

On McGregor’s mood:

I have never seen him like this six days out from a fight. Six days out from a fight is normally…you got to creep around the house a bit because the weight cut’s in, he’s tired of training at this stage and all the media obligations. Where we didn’t have to do all that much this time, there is no weight to be cut, training went perfect. He is like a kid on Christmas Eve.

‘I will be fighting in enemy territory’

Makes Statement

In his MMA Hour interview, McGregor says there are likely to be fewer Irish fans in attendance this Saturday than at recent bouts, something that he predicted would create a different, perhaps hostile, atmosphere.

I estimate that I will be fighting in enemy territory this time. Usually it’s been home for me in this place, with the travelling fans. I estimate that I will be going in to a war zone here, that’s what I’m estimating, that’s what I’ve been preparing for, that’s what I’m looking forward to. But there are many reasons why the Irish fans can’t make it. The [UFC] 200 debacle, where they took me off that card – people had already purchased tickets for that. Then of course the European Championships, then the Olympics, there is a lot of stuff going on and, of course, I’m an active fighter. I fight every goddamn month. I fight all the f-cking time. As far as ticket sales, ticket sales have been good. It’s a 20,000 seater stadium, if it was the MGM, it’s already sold out. So the ticket sales have been great for such a big arena, at this time of year, the end of summer, with everything going on. Now I understand that it’s big business out here, and that’s why we are here. I’ve got to handle my self too, as much as I want to perform for my fans back home and I want to have shows back home, I’ve still got to handle my business out here. I know my countrymen will be supporting me wherever they are. I know there will be may here in town and I know there will be even more back home in Ireland and all over the world supporting me.

BT Sport interview


McGregor speaks exclusively to BT Sport’s Pearce. On fighting Diaz at the same weight as UFC 196.

He got me at that specific weight. I can’t say ‘move down a weight and I’ll get you there’. What kind of fighter is that? What kind of man would I be if I was to say that. I don’t feel the size was the reason. Now in saying that, he’s gotten even bigger than the last fight. He hasn’t had to focus on that 155 pound cut. He’s been eating well I’m sure and growing naturally. I’m facing an even bigger man. But you know what? I’m excited about that, and I’ve put in the correct preparation for that.

UFC 202: Exclusive Conor McGregor interview

UFC 202 Embedded Vlog – Episode 2

Video appearance

On Episode 2 of UFC 202 Embedded, Cerrone water jets and wakeboards at the lake; Johnson visualizes fight night then goes to a gym in Florida; Teixeira follows an ice bath with some homegrown vegetables; Diaz is shown training, and McGregor talks about training with Danis. McGregor:

We came out here eight weeks early. You need to acclimatise to this air. It’s desert out here. It’s unforgiving out here. We got the gym set up — state of the art facility. And I brought out my team. People who’ve been grinding with me since day one… If feel I jumped up three levels, as a martial artist, as a fighter, and as a man. It’s been an amazing experience.

UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2

McGregor: Diaz was lucky


In an interview with MMA Podcast, McGregor says Diaz was lucky.

I truly believe…all you got to do is look at his corner. How they went from panic to elation. They were jumping around, like they had literally won the lotto, when Nate was beginning to get the upper hand. Whereas if you look at my corner, it was emotionless from start to finish. They got lucky. That’s what we feel. August 20 I will prove that.

On his attitude to the upcoming fight:

This is most certainly not another fight. We have been going to war every single day in the gym. This is a war for me.

Conor McGregor - Nate won by luck you can see it by the way his corner celebrated

Would have quit after retirement tweet

Makes Statement

In his interview with MMA Hour, McGregor says he would have quit after his tweet.

If it came down to it, I would have [retired]. But I mean, good luck keeping an Irish man from a fight. I woulda shown up and slapped someone the way it was all going down, but f-ck it. I was happy, when it all came down to it. For a day I was like f-ck it, I am retired! Put the feet up I did that night, had a f-cking drink, went out. Then it kinda got a little more serious…Whatever, it was a crazy experience. But if it came down to it, f-ck yeah. I’d have a knock somewhere else. I don’t know what would have happened, but like I said, I’m comfortable. Win, lose draw, whatever happens its shrimp spaghetti to start for me for the rest of my life. I’m eating good for the rest of my days. Whatever happens, happens. But I do enjoy a good old fashioned knock, so that’s why I’m happy to be back.

Says UFC 200 ‘bombed’ without him

Makes Statement

In an interview with GQ, McGregor says UFC 200 was not successful without him.

People spend a lot of money to come see me fight from my hometown (in Ireland), and they had already purchased tickets, so I wanted to get back on that card. They weren’t having it. They didn’t put me on the card — that’s OK —and the card bombed. I was ringside. The fights weren’t great, but now here we are.

UFC 202 Press Conference Water Bottle fight


White introduces the UFC 202 fighters, however McGregor does not appear for over 17 minutes. After a few minutes Diaz and his entourage leaves for the door, while his team shouts insults at McGregor, who responds:

Shut your f-king mout. Shut your mouth. You’ll do nothin’. Not one of yous will do nothin’.

After Diaz throws a water bottle towards McGregor, he responds by throwing a couple of bottles towards Diaz. White then closes the press conference.

Talks about bottle-throwing incident

Makes Statement

McGregor talks about the bottle-throwing incident at the UFC 202 pre-fight press conference.

We’re brand new. We’re absolutely brand new. It was handbags. If they want to fight, let’s fight…They tried to bottle me. If they throw bottles I’ll throw cans. It was all in self defense. I was scared for my life. [Interviewer: were you really?] No…I’m good. I have a fight Saturday night and I get to punch him in the face.

Conor McGregor discusses UFC 202 melee and fight with Nate Diaz

18 Aug, 2016

UFC Sportscenter interview


McGregor talks about the bottle-throwing incident on UFC Sportscenter.

I see it as handbags. They walked out shouting and talking. What was it? We’re here ready to fight, we’re ready for war. Let’s bring it.

On why he was late:

When a McGregor shows in town the traffic builds up, so we were just a little bit caught in the Las Vegas traffic. I was just a couple of minutes late, that’s all. At least I showed up this time.

Conor McGregor Discusses UFC 202 Press Conference Bottle Throwing F*ck Everything

Revenge is Coming interview


UFC releases a video of Olivi interviewing McGregor. After his UFC 196 defeat:

I sit in a dark room and plot my return…You just got to embrace it. it’s a crazy game. anything can happen. I just broke it down into small pieces, analysed the fight…I’ve watched the fight many times. I don’t know how many but I’ve certainly studied it, very much so…I wanted that rematch instantly.

On training:

Y’know you’ve got to be switched on for five minutes. It’s a five minute high paced round. There was a time when I was just showing up to the gym. There was no class or session. I was just rolling into the gym, and I’d train with whoever was there. If I saw a jiu-jitsu guy there — let’s roll. If I saw a boxing guy, let’s box. There was no real start, no finish, no structure. That was beneficial at some point, but when you’re preparing for a high-paced round, you need to prepare. You need to be on and off.

UFC 202: Conor McGregor - Revenge is Coming

‘I was launching hydration’


McGregor appears on UFC Tonight. Asked about the water bottle fight.

Look, I seen panicking up into the stands. And I thought maybe there was a case of dehydration going on. I was simply launching some hydration for people. Around the desert here it’s intense. In reality, they were walking out talking shit and throwing bottles. If you want to fight, let’s fight. It was handbags. It was nothing. I just defended myself.

On WWE comments:

It was not planned in any way. I was asked a question and I just rolled with it and it took on a life of its own…It’s been amusing watching all these dweebs sputter around. They don’t know what to do when a real man comes up and questions whatever it is they do. I am laughing all the way the the bank with it.

Conor McGregor is highly confident he will avenge his loss to Nate Diaz - 'UFC Tonight'

Diaz: ‘I thought the show was over’

Makes Statement

Diaz talks to UFC Tonight about the water bottle fight.

That guy [McGregor] walks in like he was the show. But I thought the show was over, so I left the show…I’m too real for this whole game, and they can’t have a guy like me winning because look at what’s happening. I get paid finally, I’ve been stuck in contracts for years, and then they sell the UFC. It’s changing baby, and it’s because of what’s going on here. And if people don’t recognize that they’re tripping. And the same thing, that’s why they threw me right back in there, they want to weed me out and get me out of here before it gets too big. But it’s already an unstoppable force that’s going at a high pace, so the game is in trouble with someone like me winning. So that’s why. They know me and they know that, they hope I don’t win…It’s all good either way though because I cannot be killed and regardless, win or lose, which I plan on winning, my voice is still going to be heard. My mic got too big to not be heard.

Superstitions ‘are fear’

Video appearance

McGregor appears in a video for Reebok, talking about superstitions.

I think superstitions, for me personally, is just another word for fear. You need to wear your lucky pants, and then all of the sudden, your lucky pants aren’t there and then you start freaking out. It’s simply fear in another word…I can do anything, I can eat anything, I can wear anything. I am confident that I can enter the fight without needing anything artificial.

Conor McGregor Views Superstitions as Fear

Denies water bottle fight scripted

Makes Statement

Appearing via phone-in on the Russillo and Kanell show, McGregor is asked about those who felt the altercation was staged.

What you think? We sat back down and said ‘hey, let’s launch bottles into the crowd’? I mean, no that’s ridiculous…It’s weird to even get compared to [WWE], that dweeb stuff. This is real, we’re about to fight. We’re about to get into a cage and try and take each other out. It does get more real than that, as the UFC slogan is; it is as real as it gets. That was real. Was it the most intelligent thing to be doing? Launching bottles and stuff? I think it wasn’t, but hey, it is what it is. It’s real. If it was scripted we would have probably would have came up with something better than that. It is what it is, you just have to get on with it,” he said. “I’m happy I get in and punch the guy in the face now, and if his team come near me I’ll smack his whole team, throwing bottles like that. I just thought it was weak, the whole thing, but hey. It is what it is. I’ll see the boy Saturday, and his little team.

[Video Link]

UFC Tonight interview: ‘I have not over trained’


McGregor is interviewed on UFC Tonight.

I have not overtrained this time. When you show up at the gym and train eight, nine hours without no real start or finish, you go into that overtraining mode, so we have been very careful of that. My body has responded very well to this new structure, and I look forward to showing that on Saturday night.

Conor McGregor says he'll KO Nate Diaz within two rounds

‘F-ck Team Diaz’

Press Conference

McGregor appears at his final session for the media.

F-ck the Diaz brothers. F-ck those cockroaches…We came here ready for war, not to throw little bitch bottles and go runnin’. We’re here ready to fight, so let’s go! That fairy tale he had is coming to an end. He can be knocked out, and he will be knocked out…My legacy is set in stone. It was set in stone when Jose crumbled. This is something separate from this. I came in here for a straight fight…Like I said, Fuck team Diaz, and if you’re down with Team Diaz, then f-ck you too.

19 Aug, 2016

UFC 202 Embedded Vlog – Episode 5

Video appearance

UFC releases UFC 202 Embedded Vlog -- Episode 5, showing the events directly after the McGregor-Diaz water bottle fight. McGregor:

F-k all that…His big brother called him of the stage and little Nate Jr. went runnin’.


He tried to walk in and steal the show, and be like Mr Cool guy with his team. Think about it? He gonna come in make a scene with the whole place. I got real gangsters with me. We train together every day.

The clip ends with a sparring session for the media.

UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 5

20 Aug, 2016

Big Show: I still love Conor McGregor

Makes Statement

Big Show says that, despite his comments about WWE fighters, he still admires McGregor.

I’m a fan of Conor McGregor. I respect the work he’s done in the ring. I get it. He’s a trash talker. He likes to create headlines. I wish him all the best in all he does…This business is about entertaining folks and if people want to see the match, and he finds someone who wants to get in the ring with him, who takes exceptional offense to it, then anything can and will happen.

UFC 202 Ceremonial Weigh-in

McGregor and Diaz square off at the UF 202 ceremonial weigh-in. McGregor:

He should have killed me when he had the chance. Now I’m back I’m gonna kill you and your whole f-cking team. You and them bitch kids.


I train always hard to kill. He already dead from the last time. It’s a new guy. So his killer can’t be killed again. USA motherf-cker!

Click video to play. McGregor-Dias is from 20m 30s.

UFC 202: Official Weigh-in

White: McGregor, Diaz facing penalties for water bottle fight

Makes Statement

White says that McGregor and Diaz may be sued, and may also face penalties for their water bottle fight. The Nevada State Athletic Commission will be in charge of issuing discipline.

The word is that in this thing, somebody was injured. So, there’s gonna be a lawsuit…Who knows how it’s gonna play out…I guarantee both of these guys are gonna get massive fines, and there’s probably going to be a hearing after the fight…[McGregor and Diaz] could be (facing) suspensions, community service, it’s gonna be ugly. … It’s going to cost them both a lot of money, a lot of headache and hassle. They’re both in big trouble.

Talks about 13-Minute Workout

Makes Statement

McGregor talks about his 13-minute training program, inspired by Portal, whose approach borrows elements of martial arts, dance, circus, athletics, somatics, and other disciplines. McGregor says he began studying Portal’s methods on YouTube late in 2013, and eventually reached out so they could work face-to-face.

People are so caught up in routine, doing the same thing over and over. I want to be an expert in many different things…[Working with Portal] I’ve learned new footwork patterns. I’ve learned how to find a lower center of gravity and found more angles to throw shots.”

Lesnar: ‘I take shits bigger than that kid’

Makes Statement

Lesnar responds to McGregor’s WWE comments:

I take shits bigger than that kid. Come on. I know you kids all play f-cking video games and you live in this f-cking false sense of reality and shit. I’m two hundred and f-cking ninety pounds. This guys a hundred and forty-five pounds, if he’s lucky. If Conor McGregor wants to say some shit to me, and get his name out there more than he already has, by dropping my name, I got about ten f-cking words for him…Come here, face-to-face, Conor, and say it to my face. Otherwise leave me and the f-cking WWE out of it, because I came to your arena and kicked ass. Now, if you want, and if you’re so f-cking tough, come to our arena and try and kick some ass.

Brock Lesnar on Conor McGregor - What's the Haps? #SRShow Sam Roberts

UFC 202: Embedded Vlog -Episode 6

Video appearance

UFC releases the final episode of UFC 202: Embedded, following Diaz, Cerrone, Johnson in the leadup to the UFC 202 official and ceremonial weigh-ins. Diaz:

I’ve been fighting my whole life. I’ve been dealing with mother f-ckers acting up. We’re fighting Saturday. See what happens.

Lockhart talks about McGregor’s nutrition.

We’ve been prepping his body to hold more carbs. So his muscles will be full without any spillage.

UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6

21 Aug, 2016

UFC 202: McGregor beats Diaz

Wins Sport Event

McGregor beats Diaz in a majority decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-47) after five rounds. McGregor leads with leg kicks in the first round, knocking down Diaz within 1m 30s. Diaz is knocked down in the beginning of the second round, and starts bleeding from above the eyes. Round three comprises grappling, with a strong finish from Diaz. A re-energized McGregor comes back in round four. In the final seconds of the final round Diaz gets McGregor on the ground.

UFC 202: Fight Motion


Surprise! Surprise, motherf-cker! The king is back! He took [leg kicks] better than I expected. He’s a hell of a fighter. A hell of a competitor. He brought out the best in me. But I stayed calm with him. I learned from last contest. This time I want to do it at 155 pounds, I came in at 170 with him as the bigger man and I overcame that adversity. Now this trilogy is on my terms, come back down to 155 and we’ll do it.


I thought I had him. I’m too real for this fight. I’m ready to go again. Good job Conor, but we going for three.

$3 million purse

Financial Report

The Nevada State Athletic Commission confirms McGregor’s purse for UFC 202 is $3 million, the richest disclosed purse in MMA history. McGregor became the first UFC athlete to ever receive a disclosed purse of $1 million, for UFC 196. Brock Lesnar surpassed that record at UFC 200 with a disclosed purse of $2.5 million.

White: An ‘epic fight’


White appears on ESPN to talk about McGregor-Diaz UFC 2o2.

It lived up to all my expectations, and exceeded it. I didn’t see that fight going five rounds, but it did. One minute it looked like Conor was gassed, and he got a second wind. Diaz got dropped a couple of times, looked like he was done, and he came back. It’s an absolute epic fight. [Conor] did what I thought he might do. He was chopping that leg. I thought he would go to the body a lot more.

On a third fight:

Well Connor has to defend his title or give it up…If I was Conor I would defend my title.

Dana White Post UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 Interview "Epic Fight" & Conor's Future

Post-fight press conference

Press Conference

McGregor gives his first press conference after the fight.

It was not easy. It was a war. I’m happy it went that way. I got to show my heart in there.

On Diaz helping him up at the end.

He’s a class competitor. It’s intense in the build up and everything is real. If my team saw his team then something’s going down. We’ll regroup and gather up for another battle.

Is 170 done for you?

I wanna to get my abs back. I can’t get abs at this weight. Sometimes I feel I’m a bit of a fat belly. I’m going to go down weight. I’m the 145 pound champion. It will be on my terms this time. He was way bigger than the last time. I knew I was up agaisnt it. I was thinking this might be a mistake, but I said, f-ck it, I’ll train hard, be smart, learn from our mistakes and go in. But I belive that if we do it it’ll be 155, maybe for the belt.

On the leg kicks:

Fuck leg kicks. My leg is a bitch.

On the scoring

I felt I won the fight. 3-2 was a fair opinion. I won that fight and I’m happy with it. My respect to my opponent. He’s a hell of a fighter.

Post-fight interview


Diaz gives a post-fight interview.

I thought I won, at least three rounds to two. I didn’t even think that was a question. And they gave it to him. I’m not bitter, it’s all good. I got paid…He did a lot of running in that fight. He should have got a yellow card for that type of thing. I chased him round that thing. He was scared to engage. I feel like they should have taken points for that…To top it off I was injured coming into this fight. That ain’t some excuses. I hurt my knee about a month ago I wasn’t able to train jiu-jitsu for the last month. And then about two weeks after that I was sparring boxing and I really hurt my rib. That put me out of sparring. Not to make excuses, I got that all on videoed up. He should have finished me off. If I was fighting me I’d have took me clean out…I just stayed in one spot. He was running laps around me.

On the third fight at 155:

I’ve been at 155 my whole career! When Conor’s ready to do his thing again, no rush, take your time, go on vacation, or we can do it any time.

Did you enjoy it in there?

No. Look at my face.

UFC 202: Nate Diaz Backstage Interview

Confirms shin injury, no broken foot

Makes Statement

McGregor says he did not break his foot, but that he has a shin injury.

My shin. I kicked his knee about 40 times and it’s hurting me. That’s it just my shin, everything else is good. My ankle was actually a bit banged up coming into the fight. We were practicing leg kicks in camp so it was a little bit swollen coming in but it’s the shin. I kicked his knee clean, I think it was in the first round and then I just kept kicking so I’m feeling it now, but other than that I am perfect.

Backstage interview


McGregor gives a backstage interview. On what he said to Diaz.

You’re a f-ckin’ absolute warrior. Respect. We’ll do it again.

Will trilogy be his next fight?

Probably not. The belt situation is lingering. I’ve gotta talk about what’s next. I’m speaking to new people right now. There’s a lot of options. And some might not be this sport.

About Diaz comments that he was ‘running away’:

He’s a big boy. A big volume puncher. I had to get out of there, being the beats down and settle myself. But he’ll drop too. I was on my feet the whole time. I wasn’t wobbled or nothing… Fair play to him…The class was evident in the early rounds of that fight. His size and his durability came into it in the later rounds. But I’m the better fighter, it’s as simple as that.

UFC 202: Conor McGregor Backstage Interview

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