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Mark Meechan is a Scottish YouTuber and former UK Independence Party candidate for the European Parliament. He uses the online name Count Dankula. He came to fame when he was prosecuted and fined for training his pug to make Nazi salutes.

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11 Nov, 2022

Verified Twitter users complain they can’t change name

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Users complain to Musk after Twitter disables name changes on legacy verified accounts. A user called Count Dankula pleads for help after his name gets stuck after what he thought was a temporary change to “GIANT PENIS (parody)”:

Hello Elon, you seem to have disabled name changes. I was wondering when that would be getting turned back on as I appear to have gotten myself into a bit of a situation.

This is not a drill any time you try it just says DENY and doesn’t let you change it. I am literally stuck as GIANT PENIS this is not the future I imagined for myself Elon pls.