Courtney Mazza

Courtney Mazza2 posts
9 Sep, 2013

Dominic Lopez born


Nescafe Mario Lopez baby shower at KatsuyaLopez and Mazza welcome son Dominic Lopez into the world. He is born via C-section and is 7 lbs 2 oz at birth.

It’s a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please welcome Dominic Lopez to the world. Couldn’t be happier … Courtney and baby are doing just fine.

11 Sep, 2010

Gia Francesca Lopez born


maio1Lopez and Mazza welcome daughter Gia Lopez into the world. She weighs 6 lbs., 4 oz., and mother and daughter are reportedly doing well.

We are so overjoyed. What an amazing, wonderful and overwhelming experience to welcome our daughter into the world.

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