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8 Aug, 2017

Hardy to commentate McGregor-Mayweather for Sky Sports

Appearance announcement

Hardy, a former UFC welterweight contender, is named by Sky Sports as part of the UK and Ireland commentating team for the McGregor-Mayweather bout.

This will be the first boxing match that I’ve worked on. Obviously I’ve worked a lot with boxers in the past. I’ve trained alongside boxers because back in the day with mixed martial arts, they were the only real combat athletes around me that knew what they were doing. As soon as it becomes a mixed martial arts fight, (boxers) become interested. There have been questions that have come from (boxers) in the past that will prepare me for this, I think. I understand the boxing mentality and I understand what they’re going to be looking at as far as Conor McGregor as a new addition to the sport.

15 Feb, 2017

Hardy: ‘In a real fight Mayweather loses to every UFC fighter’

Makes Statement

Hardy says Mayweather could not beat any UFC fighter outside of boxing rules.

Mayweather doesn’t beat anybody in the top 50 in mixed martial arts, in any weight class. In a boxing match, Mayweather is probably the best technical boxer in the world, and I don’t see any boxer being able to hang with him under boxing rules. But if we’re talking about fighting, actual knuckles banging, and we’re talking about who’s going to win a fight, Mayweather loses to every fighter in the UFC roster.

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