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16 Mar, 2016

Rossi: No rivalry with Marquez

Press Conference

Rossi, Marquez, and Pedrosa appear at a pre-Qatar press conference. In his first appearance with Marquez since last year, Rossi brushes off comparisons to other racing rivalries.

I’m happy to hear my name close to Agostini/Hailwood and Senna/Prost – it is something extra for motorsport, but I think nothing particularly special will happen and on track I think everything will be the same. Everybody will try to give the maximum to try to be in front without something more ‘special’…Personally speaking, the finish can be different and better and I prefer to win than lose. But it is like this and it is past and the good thing is that we are here and we will try to have another good fight in this season.

Marquez does not address the situation with Rossi directly.

We saw in the past in MotoGP, you always try to beat your opponent, but in the end I have 20 opponents and I must fight against each one for try to win the championship and that is my target. This year will be an interesting season because everything looks closer.


I think it was a big moment for MotoGP, maybe not like everybody thinks, but there was a lot of fans and the track was super crowded. They had to put up extra grandstands and sell extra tickets, this was a positive thing and the result affects part of the show but overall we can say that MotoGP is trying to grow and that is what we look for, to put on a good show.

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