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23 Jan, 2017

Irish conman pretends to be McGregor’s friend

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Demi Cairns, a Scottish woman, is warning other women to beware of Wesley Brennan, who she claims has scammed her out of £200, during a five week relationship that started on Plenty of Fish dating website. According to Cairns, Brennan claims he is a childhood friend of McGregor. Early in the relationship Brennan claimed to be related to gangster Daniel Kinahan. Cairns:

I recently entered a new relationship with an Irish guy. I was lead to believe his name was Paul Wesley Kenneth Kinahan who ran a finance company in Glasgow. However, this is not the case after scamming me of £200 for a train ticket to go collect his son. Since then I have discovered he also uses the alias Wesley O’Brien and his real name is Wesley Brennan. His stories can be Googled! He’s a serial conman who has scammed over 40 girls from Ireland and is now targeting girls in Glasgow. He’s leading people to believe that he grew up with Conor McGregor having proof to back up his allegations. It’s believable, however, it’s all fake. He’s even going to the extent of booking holidays for these girls myself included. I have had a very lucky escape. The only thing the guy got from me was £200. However, it’s believed he has conned people for thousands. He has been using the dating website Plenty Of Fish where he’s picking his victims.

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