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1 Dec, 2008

O Magazine interview


Pink gives an interview to Oprah for O Magazine about his book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. 

In many professions, what used to matter most were abilities associated with the left side of the brain: linear, sequential, spreadsheet kind of faculties. Those still matter, but they’re not enough. What’s important now are the characteristics of the brain’s right hemisphere: artistry, empathy, inventiveness, big-picture thinking. These skills have become first among equals in a whole range of business fields.

16 Feb, 2008

O Magazine Interview


Pink speaks about the influence that his book, A Whole New Mind has had on people:

Some have written that the book made them think about why they’re here. And, interestingly, a lot of students tell me that they’re going to give A Whole New Mind to their parents. One student is passionate about art, but his mom wants him to get an MBA and become an accountant.

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