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14 May, 2015

Stars as Jackie


During a Cannes Music Festival appearance, Variety reports that Portman will star as Jackie Kennedy in Jackie, about the first four days of the first lady’s life after the assassination of her husband, President John. F. Kennedy. Aronofsky will produce the film.

31 Jul, 2013

The Talks interview


Aronofsky gives an interview to The Talks. He discusses how he enjoys torturing his audience and why Brad Pitt stepped out.

It’s a very hard thing to talk about because we worked together for two and a half years so it was like a relationship. He even said that when we broke up he felt like he was breaking up with a girlfriend or something because for two and a half years we worked on it. But it’s never one thing that breaks up a relationship. Really, it was probably because I was in Australia for six months prepping the film and he was in L.A. and creatively we just grew apart.

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